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What is Erikson's 3rd Psychosocial Task of Life? When does it occur

Between 3-6 Years
1st task: trust
2nd task: exploring is ok even if its scary
3rd task: exploration overriding anxiety/fear


During the cognitive development between age 3-6, they become able to

1. Symbolize: endow an object with qualities and meaning
2. Fantasy: mental representation formed from current perceptions or memories


What is the function of fantasy formation?

To achieve vicarious gratification
Mechanism to delay action


When does the emergence of spoke language occur? Do we comprehend or speak first?

18 months
Comprehension before speech


At age 2 years, how many words does the baby know



At age 5 how many words does the baby know



Speech is an important part in the development of the child's....

1. Autonomous identity (being able to say you can do things yourself)
2. Gender identity: (I'm a girl!)
3. Sexual identity


What is meant when we say children start to replace action dominance with verbal dominance

With the development of speech, the child must start expressing his feelings rather than showing them. This transition is supported by the parents. (Example: saying you're angry instead of throwing a toy at your parent)


Ultimate Sexual Identity occurs by age 18 and shapes.....

1. From which sex and in what way they will seek sexual gratification
2. In what way the person prohibits this gratification based on rules from the family, religion, society or absence of rules


What are the steps in sexual identity development and when does this occur?

3-6 years
1. Imitation and identification with liked-sex heterosexual parent
2. Discovery of anatomical sexual differences between boys and girls (2-4 years), at the same time as the kid is realizing what death is
3. Body damage anxiety


When does the Heterosexual "Oedipal Conflict" occur? What does this mean?

4-5 years
Basically the child fantasizes about having a romantic relationship with the opposite sexed parent and replacing the other parent. But then they have the fear of separation with the idea of replacing on of the parents, and thus they have an EXTERNAL CONFLICT


When does the "Oedipal Conflict" end?

6-7 years
The child doesn't want to replace his same sexed parent and actually gets reaffirmed in his identification with that parent.