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What is Erikson's (famous psychologist) 1st psychosocial task?

Establishing trust in your parents, which leads to` the though of trusting other people


Describe the infant attachment process

Neuronal connections get established between the infant's innate need to attach and the emotions (hopefully positive) that are attached to that event. Continued positive experiences become long term memories that motivate the infant to continue their attachment to their parents.


What are two examples of perceptual biases that an infant has?

1. Will focus on visual cues that resemble faces
2. Will focus on sounds that resemble a human voice


What are the innate drives of an infant according to Freud

1. Maintain body regulation (food, sleep, temp)
2. Be assertive (to explore and seek new stimuli), but also be protected from going too far


The major postulate of Piaget about how infants acquire intelligence is....

They get smart by being assertive (exploring and shit) and interacting with people and things


What does Piaget say about what we remember vs. what we tend to forget

We remember schemas or our perception of reality, not an actual representation of that reality. We erase memories that don't have much emotional content and tend to remember things that have high emotional content and that are important to attachment or survival (a scary memory so you don't do it again)


How do you acquire new knowledge?

Storing representations as Long Term Memory


What is assimilation?

Fitting a new perception into an existing schema/representation/long term memory. Basically fitting the outside world into your existing "internal" world.


What is accommodation?

This is an unconscious mental process that involves modifying an existing fact or memory in response to what you see in the outside world. Basically changing your "internal" world to fit with what you see in the outside world.


If you have a positive experience should you keep it to yourself or share it with people you care about?

Sharing it, or getting the "mirroring smile", helps you to internalize the positive experience and build your self-esteem


The process of learning involves both __________ and ____________

Assimilation and Accommodation