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Depression in kids/adolescents. How common is this and how does it usually present?

8% in adolescents, 5% in children

Sx present as:
1. Physical complaints (stomach pain, trouble sleeping, nightmares, tension)
2. Disruptive behavior


How should you treat childhood/adolescent depression?

Combo of meds and psychotherapy:
Fluoxetine and Escitalopram are first line treatments

May increase risk for suicide ideations (not completed suicides).


Schizophrenia in kids. How common, and characterize the sx. Treatment.

1. SUPER RARE before adolescence (VEOS)
2. Sx can start with apathy, change in hygiene, withdrawal
3. Sx can be confused with normal child fantasies and slow development (vs hallucinations and disorganized speech) Are they normal kids or are they crazy. That is the question.
4. Low dose antipsychotics


What's going on with the brain of kids with schizophrenia

Their brains shrink over time. So sad


How does the prognosis of EOS compare to adult onset schizophrenia

It's worse. Makes sense, if there is more time for their brain to go crazy


Key sx to remember with schizophrenia

1. Motor impairments: repetitive movements, delayed motor milestones
2. Social impairments: weird behavior, isolation, withdrawal
3. Intellectual abilities: lower IQ and decline of function


What is the most important thing to discern from someone who is suicidal?

Plan and intent


Bipolar in kids. How does this present?

Characterized by mood sx: feelings that aren't appropriate for the situation and being episodic
1. Irritability
2. Overly happy (I'm concerned for myself sometimes..)
3. Giddy/euphoria


Disruptive Mood Regulation Disorder. What is the diagnostic criteria

1. SUPER bad temper tantrums that don't make sense based on context.
2. Occur about 3+/week for a year
3. More than 1 setting (school and home)
4. Sx onset before age 10 but not before 4 or after 18


Conduct Disorder

1. You're just a huge pain in the butt. (Stealing, destroy property, aggressive towards animals and people)
2. Onset sx before 18 years
3. Sx present for 1+ year


General trend between age of onset of disorder and severity of symptoms?

Earlier onset=worse sx.

Pretty self explanatory.


What are some tx options for Conduct Disorder

Mood stabilizers

Psychotherapeutic Interventions


Oppositional Defiant Disorders

1. Angry/Irritable Mood
2. Argumentative/Defiant Behavior
3. Vindictiveness


Tx for ODD

1. Parenting classes (since this order can often result from inconsistent parenting techniques)


Elimination Disorders

1. Encopresis: passes of feces into inappropriate places (1x/month for 3+ months
2. Enuresis: same as #1 with urine


Tx for enuresis

1. Bell and pad (alarm)
2. Behavioral
3. Drugs: desmopressin or TCA's


Separation Anxiety Disorder. Tell me about common sx and what the future risks are for the kid

1. Too much anxiety when leaving home or attachment figures
2. Often stay home from school (think that something bad will happen to parent if they leave)
3. Risk factor for future anxiety disorders


Selective Mutism. Tell me about it.

1. Don't speak about certain topics
2. Tx with psychopharmacology and behavioral therapy