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Outline the role of the vet at slaughter

- Control of welfare
- Animal health
- Meat inspection
- Antemortem inspection


What is the role of the European Food Safety Association?

EU department carrying out risk assessment for environmental factors that may affect human health


Give an example of environmental factors that may affect human health

Watering vegetation with animal faeces-contaminated water


What is meant by Veterinary Public Health?

The sum of all contributions to the physical, mental and social well-being of humans through an understanding and application of veterinary science


What legislation applies to the EU requirements for vets?

Directive 2005/36/EC regulation of Professional Qualifications


What is required under the Directive 2005/36/EC Regulation of Professional Qualifications

All vets must have adequate knowledge of hygiene and technology involved in production, manufacture and circulation of animal foodstuffs intended for human consumption


What 3 topics are specified in the Directive 2005/36/EC Regulation of Professional Qualifications?

- Inspection and control of animal foodstuffs
- Food hygiene and technology
- Practical work (places where animals are slaughtered, places where food of animal origin is processed)


What are the roles of Official Veterinarians?

- Slaughterhouse AMI and PMI
- bTB testing
- Pet passports
- Exports


Outline the general production "flow diagram" for food animal species

Loading -> transport -> unloading -> (FCI, passport and ear tags checked) -> lairage -> slaughter


Under what regulation is it necessary to check food chain information?

Regulation EC number 853/2004


Outline the FCI requirements at slaughter

- Slaughterhouse operator must request, receive, check and act upon FCI for all cattle, sheep and goats sent for slaughter for human consumption
- FBO must not accept animals without FCI
- Receive 24 hours in advance (some exceptions)


What are the minimum elements required in an FCI?

- Animal's health status
- Holding health status
- Details of medicines and withdrawal periods
- Private vet details (pig and poultry)
- relevant production data, diseases and analysis


What happens if an animal enters the slaughterhouse without an FCI?

Will be slaughtered but will not enter the food chain


What are specific requirements for cattle FCIs?

- Must have individual identification in form of 2 ear tags
- FCI is the minimum, extra forms are needed (passport)


What are specific requirements for sheep FCIs?

- 2 sections
- First goes to the FBO, second to DEFRA


What is included in poultry FCIs?

- Are extensive
- Includes information on mortality, vaccination, treatments


What is included in pig FCIs?

Is a combined document of the pig movement license and the Food Chain Information


What are the requirements regarding transport of animals for human consumption?

- Require transport authorisation
- Those transporting must hold Certificate of Competence
- Vehicles must be approved
- Animals must not be subject to injury or unnecessary suffering
- Regulations on journey times, resting, watering and feeding must be observed
- Cleaning and disinfection of livestock vehicles


Describe the cleaning and disinfection requirements of livestock vehicles

- Before new animals are loaded
- Inside or outside the abattoir
- Is the responsibility of the farmer and the FBO


How is FBO compliance regulated?

Verified by FSA individual (MHI or OV) and breaches are reported to local authority


What regulation applies to the transport of animals and related operations?

Council Regulation EC 1/2005


In what conditions must animals never be transported to the abattoir according to the pertinent legislation?

- Animals unable to move independently
- Animals with severe open wounds, or prolapses
- >90% pregnant animals or given birth within 7 days
- New born animals without completely healed navel
- Pigs<3wks, lambs<1wk, calves <10 days if the journey is >100km
- Animals <7 days old
- Medicated animals where the withdrawal period is not complete


What are the requirements for the unloading of animals at the abattoir?

- Unloaded as soon as possible
- Slaughterhouse must have suitable equipment and facilities to unload animals safely


What are the requirements for unloading ramps?

- Must have slope that sits as flat as possible
- Walls or railings in place to prevent animals falling off
- Floor must be non-sleep, and not have deep cracks/crevices
- No sharp edges or parts that stick out


What are the guidelines regarding animals that are dead on arrival at the abattoir?

- Must not enter the food chain
- PMI carried out
- Report to Trading Standards if he death occurred in transport


List the main legislations relating to abattoirs and slaughterhouses

- Welfare of Animals (Transport) Order 2006 (WATO)
- Agriculture (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act
- The Protection of Animals Act
- The Animal Health Act
- The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966
- Food Hygiene Package for EU


What legislation is contained in the Food Hygiene Package for the EU?

- EC 852/2004
- EC 853/2004
- EC 854/2004


Outline the responsibilities of abattoir management

- Animal Welfare Officer appointed
- Have caring and responsible planning and management
- Appropriate environmental design
- Consider handling and transport
- Humane slaughter methods
- Take action where animal welfare is inadequate


What are some advantages of good slaughterhouse management?

- Reduction of bruising
- Improved meat quality
- Good design means animals move through system with little or no encouragement and so less stressful


How can freedom from hunger and thirst be upheld in abattoirs?

- If in lairage, provide access to clean water
- Drinking containers positioned to allow easy access, and to prevent fouling
- Fixed position of containers where practical
- Provide enough for the number of animals
- Food only provided if staying overnight