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A party wall is a...

Load bearing wall separating occupancies not extending to the roof line


Partition wall is a...

Wall that divides an area within an occupancy not extending above the ceiling


The third due engine on a strip shopping center fire shall position...

In the rear when possible


The second due truck is responsible for...

Positioning in the rear and gaining access to the roof


The first arriving unit officer shall include the following information in the on-scene report...

Water supply/layout if not already given, corrected address if different from dispatch, type of structure and incident conditions


Initial fire flow estimates for a strip shopping center should be based upon how many GPM per 100 square feet of involved area?

20 GPM per 100 square feet


What tools are required to force entry on a door secured with a case hardened lock?

Abrasive blade power saw or a torch


Most strip shopping centers built in northern Virginia during the last 30-40 years are typically built using what type of construction?



Residential apartments or office space above some strip shopping centers are called what?



When signs of a potential collapse are indicated what distance shall a collapse zone be established?

1.5 times height of building


What are the initial fire flow estimates based upon in a strip shopping center?

20 GPM per 100 square feet of involved area


Where is the cockloft located in a strip shopping center?

The area located above the ceiling and below the roof


What are the roof assemblies called that are built up over existing roofs in strip shopping centers?

Rain roofs


What construction depends upon the roof assembly "tying" the building together?

Tilt up


When fire is burning for more than ______ minutes on ordinary construction or _____ minutes in lightweight truss construction it is a sign of imminent collapse.

20, 10


What is the least damaging method of extinguishment when the fire has entered the duct and hood system of a restaurant?

Use multiple CO2 extinguishers into the duct


Who is responsible for hooking up to the sprinkler system in the rear of a strip shopping center?

The 3rd engine


Who is responsible for the 3rd engine's water supply, if needed?

The 4th engine, who is also the RIT


What is the preferred unit to gain access to the roof in the rear of a strip shopping center?

Aerial ladder


What is the most significant concern in strip shopping center?

Horizontal fire spread or extension


How is positive pressure used in a strip shopping center to stop the horizontal fire and smoke extension to the exposure?

Place a PPV fan in front of each exposure that does not have fire or smoke in it and vent out the vertical opening in the fire unit. Both PPV fans must be strayed at the same time


What is the preferred entrance to be used on a strip shopping center basement fire?

The outside stairwell


What is the best means of opening a renovated roof in a strip shopping center, where fire has entered the area between the old roof and the new roof?

Operate independently on the tower ladder bucket to open the roof


What needs to be done once the exhaust vent, skylight, scuttle or ventilator has been opened?

The interior needs to be checked for stairwells to ensure that the cockloft is indeed vented if you suspect fire has entered the cockloft