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You are the officer on a Truck and you are dispatched as the 2nd truck to a reported Metro Train Accident on the Aerial portion of the right-of-way. Describe your actions and responsibilities.

–Mark enroute
–Advise the chief that you would not be completing your 2nd due truck duties but reporting to the location for Aerial Platform Operations
–Maintain personnel accountability
–Position for Aerial Use
–Ensure safe operations
–Did you follow up with training your personnel on relevant issues


You are the officer on E10. You have been dispatched to an unknown emergency and arrive to find a large crowd gathered around and a small child that is a trauma code from a fall greater than 30'. Citizens are frantic and as your crew starts to work on the child, your driver breaks down and stops working on the child. This angers the crowd and they get very aggressive towards you. Describe your actions.

-jump in and take driver's place
-tell the driver to go back to the unit
-call for PD assistance
-move the patient as quickly as possible to the transport unit
-try to calm the crowd
-follow up with the driver to find out what happened
-seek EAP/CISD assistance for the driver and crew
-document the incident
-train the personnel on relevant issues


You are the officer on a Rescue and are dispatched for a reported auto accident. Upon your arrival, you find a dignitary's armored vehicle involved and severely damaged. The only two occupants are trapped and unconscious. The security detail advises you that they will utilize your tools to access the ambassador and that you need to step back. Describe your actions and responsibilities.

–Provide a situation report upon arrival
–Call for additional resources as needed
–Call for PD
–Call for BC
–Advise the security detail that you will cut the car and that as soon as we have gained access, they can secure the dignitary.
–Work with security detail and provide them protective eyewear and advise them just were to stand
–Gain access to the victims using appropriate techniques
–Work with security detail to provide EMS support and transport to appropriate medical facilities


You are arriving to work and notice a car door open in the back lot. You investigate and find illegal drug items lying in the car. The car belongs to FF. Schmidlapp from yesterday’s shift. Describe your actions and responsibilities.

–Contact PD
–Secure the scene
–Contact Internal Affairs
–Contact Shift OIC
–Notify BC
–Document event
–Train with personnel on relevant issues


You are arriving to work and notice a car door open in the back lot. You investigate and find illegal drug items lying in the car. The care belongs to FF. Schmidlapp from YOUR shift. Describe your actions and responsibilities.

–Contact MPD
–Secure the scene
–Contact Internal Affairs
–Work with IA to have employee tested for Drug Use
–Work to ensure staffing is correct for the rest of the day
–Do a special report
–Have employee do special report
–Notify BC
–Document event


On several incidents, the Officer on the Truck assigned to your station has conducted operations that have reduced the safety of your personnel on the hoseline. Describe your actions and responsibilities.

–Meet with the officer to discuss the issues
–Work to get him/her to understand the needs inside the structure
–Work with them to better perform operations
–If not effective, get higher level of authority involved
–Review all applicable policies and procedures
–Document the event
–Train with personnel on relevant issues


You are the senior officer on duty in the station. A female firefighter advises you that FF. Schmiddlapp just came out of the female restroom. Describe your actions and responsibilities.

–Have Female FF write a statement of the events
–Interview Schmiddlapp to find out if true and why
–Have Schmiddlapp provide a written statement
–Notify the Station Captain
–Review with all personnel the policy about female quarters
–Document the event
–Notify the EEO officer of what you have done within 24 hours.


While at a school show and tell, one 5th grade student tells you that he often lights small fires in his back yard to see how the plastic toys burn. Describe your actions and responsibilities.

–Advise the principal of the statements so that the child can be more closely observed for similar actions at school.
–Did you notify the FM Office/Fire setter program
–Do a Document the event
–Have the parents notified via school
–Follow up training at the school with all the students about fire safety
–Train with your personnel on how to work with children and fire safety talks.


Your firefighter asks you to stop by an auto body shop just outside your first due so he could pick up his car. You advise him no and why. Later in the day, you get a call and find that the FF is now on the ambulance and out of the station and the FF on the Ambulance is on the Engine. Upon your return, both the Ambulance and the FF’s car are behind the station. Describe your actions and responsibilities.

–Ask the FF where he has been
–Ask him why he did not seek permission to switch riding assignments
–Have him write a statement of facts
–Document the events
–Have the FF from the Ambulance write a statement of facts
–Notify the BC for appropriate discipline
–Train with personnel on relevant issues


In the Morning, a citizen advises you of a fire code violation at a local store. They return after dinner and ask why have you not done anything with this complaint. They ask to speak with your boss. Describe your actions and responsibilities.

–Thank the citizen for again bringing it to your attention.
–Apologize that you have not followed up on it (if you have not and immediate notify the on duty inspector
–Advise the citizen that you have notified the Fire Marshall office earlier (if you did) and that the FM office provides up to 30 days to rectify an issue.
–Obtain the citizens phone number so that you can follow up with them.
–Have your supervisor (BC, Captain) meet with them after you explain what you did earlier today to handle this.
–Document the issue
–Follow up to ensure it was handled
–Train with personnel on relevant issues.


What would be the appropriate steps for a person who is injured while doing physical fitness training?

1. Seek immediate medical attention and provide support to member and other personnel impacted
2. Ensure staffing is properly updated/covered
3. Notify chain of command (safety, BC, others)
4. Document injury in Station Log, Document and report and other appropriate notifications (Captain of shift and hours)
5. Check on reasons for event—safety check to ensure does not happen again
6. Work with employee to ensure proper workman’s compensation coverage is applied for correctly and do follow up with employee on paperwork
7. Follow up with employee/family to see if any needs can be met at the station level
8. Review applicable policies and procedures with entire shift to prevent any other injuries
9. Maintain contact with employee while recovering or family as needed.


You are the officer on Truck Company. You and the Medic are dispatched for an unknown emergency with a report of 3 people unconscious. List the top 5 things you should do prior to arrival?

1. Obtain as much additional information prior to arrival
2. Consider staging units until PD can ensure situation stable
3. Ensure correct number of EMS units and Support units are dispatched.
4. Prepare your personnel for possible multiple patient triage
5. Consider WMD event (PPE, Time Distance, Shielding….)


You have arrived at work at 06:30 to find your Probationary FF asleep in his car in the rear lot. You knock on his window and he does not wake up. You open his door and it takes you an enormous amount of energy to wake him. You see 6-12 empty cans of beer in the floor board. Once he is awake, he smells like he has been dipped in a beer bottle. He states he has been here all night drinking until 3 AM. What are your actions?

-Advise him to not drive—Order him to remain at the fire house
-Place him on Sick Leave
-Notify Chain of command
-Ensure proper staffing for units by holding over a person from the off going shift if need be.
-Review policy for alcohol on FRD Property
-Provide assistance to him via employee assistance program (Alcoholic Possible)
-Review all applicable policies with him.
-Discipline as appropriate
-Ensure employee has a ride home
-Document and complete a Supervisor Note/Special Report
-Ensure proper time sheet changes are made


At 08:30, the driver of your engine advises you that he has a flat tire. What are your actions and concerns?

-Ensure the Truck is out of service
-Notify Chain of Command
-Notify apparatus officer
-Request assistance to get it repaired
-Note in House Log/Log book
-Document a supervisory note/ special report
-Interview driver as to why it was just now being found flat—Did he not check it when he came on duty, when was the last time it was driven….. Investigate!!!!
-If driver failed to check it out prior to now, discipline!!!
-Have driver do Statement/special report
-Once fixed, ensure it operates fine
-Put unit back in service
-Notify Chain of Command
-Note in House Log


You receive a phone call stating that one of your FF’s is using “Crack” and they hang up?

-Assume innocence at all times but you still need to investigate!!
-Notify the Chain of Command
-Try to have the number traced
-Interview the employee
-Check with other officers to ensure they have not noticed anything
-If employee admits it, work with Internal affairs as needed.
-Provide support for employee throughout process.


What are the duties of the 1st Truck at the primary station on a Metro Incident?

-Works with 1st and 2nd Eng as the Recon Group.
-Performs needed safety functions
-Metro Supplies, WASD, EMS Supplies, Forcible Entry Tools, Metro Bag and Light Bag with extra light
-Mark cars that have been searched


Describe the different levels of the ICS include the proper title of the person who would hold a leadership position for each function?

-IC =Incident Commander
​-PIO=Public Information Officer
-​Liaison = Coordinates with outside agencies = Officer
-​Safety Officer
-----General Staff
​-Operations Section = Operational functions of the event= Section Chief
​-Planning Section = Provides planning support for event (sit stat/Restat) =Section Chief
​-Logistics Section = Provides for the logistical needs of the event = Section Chief
​-Finance Section = Provides for the financial needs of the event = Section Chief​
-​Investigation Section = Provides for the criminal/legal aspect of the event = Section Chief
-----Support Staff
​-Branches = Major areas of supervision = Supervisor
-​Divisions = Geographical areas of supervision = Supervisor
​-Groups = Functional areas of supervision = Supervisor
​-Units = Single area of focus = Leader
-​Task force = 5 units of any type = Leader
​-Strike Team = 5 units of same type = Leader


What are the operational conditions for your FD’s disasters to include the following?

Weather related event:
Mass Gathering event:
Terrorist or man-made event:
Mass Transit event:

In GENERAL, you would have an investigation mode, Attack or Offensive mode, and a defensive mode just like you would for a structure fire. This would include an initial survey (size up), recon, and overview.


You are the officer of a Rescue. You have arrived on the scene of a two story structure with fire showing on floor 1 Quadrant Delta. The Truck is searching the first floor. Your crew advises that they are going to start their search on floor 2 in the back left quadrant. Describe your actions?

-Advise your crew that they are to start their search in Quadrant Delta on floor 2 (most severely threatened area).
-Notify Command of your intent
-Ensure second means of egress
-Ensure hose line deployment to protect you over the fire
-Ensure that the crews operating on the first floor know you are heading to the second
-Conduct a systematic search outwards from Quadrant Delta.


Your FF advises you that they have a doctor’s appointment today at 1PM that he scheduled 1 week ago and needs sick leave. Describe your actions?

Two Parts:
-----1 the FF:
​-Investigate why we are learning about this today when he made it last week?
​-Advise that timeliness is critical
​-Have them contact the Dr. Office to see if there is another appointment available to reschedule
​-Ascertain if the Dr. Office is in first due (might be able to go on duty if can’t reschedule)
​-When does he plan on returning from Dr. Appt.

-----2 the Dept:
​-Notify BC and ascertain if the leave can be approved
-​If so, work to ensure staffing is correct and maintained
-​If Dr. is in first due, check with BC on feasibility of attending on duty (unit oos for 30 minutes)
​-Work to replace employee if approved---update all staffing and accountability items.


A number of employees come to you with a great idea that is against department policy. It is not a safety issue but due to operations considerations, it is a very valid request. What do you do?

1. Acknowledge the employee’s request and advise them that it is against policy.
2. Review the policy with them and discuss it
3. Contact your BC and formalize a suggestion with the employees to have the idea implemented
4. Work with the leadership of the department to get the process/idea implemented
5. Get the employees in the forefront of the process and work with the impacted divisions
6. Get with the special interest groups for their input and support
7. Give credit to the employees for the implementation or praise them for their actions if it is not adopted. Work towards some sort of appreciation/award for their efforts.
8. Work with the employees if not implemented so they understand why it was not accepted and discuss how things can be changed in the future.


You have noticed that a normally involved employee has become extremely removed and distant from the shift. When you approach him, he tells you nothing is wrong but it is very clear that he is withdrawing. Upon further questioning, he becomes agitated and tells you to mind your own business. What is your response?

Because this employee is withdrawing, this is potentially an operational issue. If this person is “fighting/arguing” with someone on the shift, this is an issue that is you business. If it is a personal issue that they are dealing with, in many ways, it is your issue because of its impact upon the shift. The proper method of handling this would be to encourage him to open up and see if he will talk with you. If not, would he consider EAP or other counseling options?

He cannot be allowed to completely withdraw from the shift as this will have long term impacts upon him and the shift operations. Above all this, you need to be concerned for his well being. Offer assistance and try to put him in contact with the EAP counselors. Document well. If there is any hint that he is a threat to the safety of himself or others, get assistance.


It is snowing very heavily and you bucket person advises you that she notices that the sprinkler heads in the female bathroom is hanging down approximately 6” below the drop ceiling when it is normally flush to the ceiling. What should you do?

Immediately move all apparatus out of the structure and evacuate the building.

Notify the BFC that the station is out of service and also notify dispatch.

Move equipment away from structure and do not allow people to enter the building. Establish a collapse area around the structure to prevent anyone from being struck with falling debris if the building should collapse.

Work with the BFC to secure building, get appropriate inspections, and obtain housing for units and crews, retrieval of other critical equipment after shoring of the structure has occurred.

Notify Station/House Captain.


As you are at the store getting food for dinner, you notice that all of the hydrants are covered with 2+ feet of snow. What are your actions?

1. Determine if there is time to dig out a couple of them prior to leaving the store.
2. Divide primary target hazards (Nursing homes, Hospitals, other MAJOR facilities) among the units in the station and drive and dig out at least two hydrants on the front and one in the rear.
3. Identify on the preplan which hydrants have been cleared
4. Send copy of preplan to first three engines besides yours.
5. Work with House Captain to determine other hydrants that need to be cleared.
6. Develop a plan with the House Captain to work with home owner associations for an “adopt a hydrant” program where homeowners will dig out a few hydrants in and around their areas.


You are the officer on the Truck Company. You are dispatched for the infamous “Cat in the tree”. Upon your arrival, you notice a cat perched 35’ up on a very large oak tree. As expected a large crowd has formed to watch you “rescue the cat”. As you survey the situation, you overhear your Truck Driver tell the cat’s owner that “We are not going to get that cat and have you ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree?” Describe your actions?

Stop the driver and apologize for the statement. Explain that cats are extremely good climbers and typically advance up a tree due to some threat on the ground. Right now, we (the commotion) have become the threat.
Advise the cat’s owner that you will attempt to retrieve the cat should they desire but that the cat will most likely climb higher and into a more precarious position and often beyond a position that we can retrieve them.
Often cats will return to the ground when the perceived threat has been removed. Additionally, the owner with the cat’s favorite toy or food will often draw the cat down.

If the owner still wants you to attempt, have the bucket person don their protective coat, gloves, helmet and eye protection (cat’s claws). Attempt to reach the cat using the aerial (less noise at the cat’s level).
Have the FF take food with them.
Once the cat is obtained, do not try to cradle it down as if it becomes scared, it will injure the FF. Grab the cat by the scruff of the neck and carry it down at arm’s length.
If possible, have the truck driver simply rotate the tip out and down without extending or retracting. This will prevent the FF from having to climb.

If the cat runs up the tree, proceed further until safety becomes the issue (typically one more attempt).

Upon return to the station have a not so kind discussion with the truck driver and document the event.
Advise the BC that a complaint might be coming.


You are responding to a call on the Engine. Your driver runs a red light without stopping. Describe your actions

1. Advise the driver of his/her action. Did they see it (ask yourself if there is a medical issue here—drugs/alcohol)? (why you ask—is it normal for a person to simply run a red light and put everyone in jeopardy? No—so something must be wrong on they have simply lost their minds.)
2. Advise them not to ever run a light again
3. Advise them to proceed with more caution.
4. Upon returning to the station:
a. Meet with employee to discuss why they ran the light
b. Advise them of the policy about driving and stopping at all red lights.
c. Have employee complete a special report
d. Document all events on special report
5. Review with all shift members the importance of obeying all traffic regulations


You are operating on a brush fire in the metro right of way. Describe your actions.

-Contact Metro and any other involved track lines to shut down train traffic,
-Ensure 3rd rail power is not involved (dead short),
-Control 3rd rail power
-Ensure train traffic is stopped,
-Deploy spotters
-Deploy WASD if appropriate
-Control fire
-Investigate cause (mechanical issue??)
-Remove WASD
-Remove People from track
-Remove Spotters
-Turn over to Metro for restoration of service.