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The warm zone is defined as...

An operational (geographic) area with a potential (indirect) threat to personal safety or health


An extrication task force consists of...

A large team if FRD personnel paired with a minimum of 2 assigned police officers


What actions are assigned to the first and second arriving engine companies at a active shooter incident?

First and second engines become rescue task forces


How does the joint even guide describe a Rescue Task Forcee?

1 officer, 1 ALS provider and 2 police officers


According to the Fairfax County Police/Fire joint event guide, who is allowed to operate in the Hot Zone?



How will fire department units stage in an explosion/weapons of mass destruction incident?

Will not stage for police resources unless there are active/known additional threats


What units make up an MCI alarm?

10 closet suppression units, 10 EMS units, 3 EMS supervisors, 2 Battalion Chiefs, MCSU, mobile ambulance bus and a green bus


A MCI alarm dispatch contains what units?

10 closest suppression units, 10 EMS transport units, 3 EMS supervisors, 2 BC, Mass casualty support unit, mobile ambulance bus and a "green bus"