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Establishing a ______ is an early and critical consideration at incidents requiring firefighting operations?

Water supply officer


What is the space between personnel and vehicles in the protected work area and nearby moving traffic?

Buffer space/Work area


What does "E" stand for in the acronym LCES?

Escape Routes


When units are responding together in the same direction, they should remain in a _____.

Single file


When can the use of U-turn access points in "jersey" barriers be used?

When the situation is necessary for immediate life saving measures


When a FRD unit arrives on the scene, the officer shall advise the communications center of what?

The proper location


What actions are included in the "fend-off" position?

Apparatus placed at an angle, with the pump panel towards the work area and the wheels rotated away from the incident


If additional engines/rescues are on the scene and not needed for the extrication they should be used for blocking. How far away should they position from the fit engine company?

50 feet


If an EMS unit is going to operate on scene without a suppression unit, what is the preferred positioning of that EMS unit?

Place cones to facilitate the flow of traffic around the vehicle and operating responders


What is the first color to leave the color spectrum?



How long does it take for your vision to recover when going from dark to light?

Three seconds