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When responding to an incident in dark territory incident commander must set up flagging units at both ends of the incident and at least _____ away from incident.

At least 2 miles


On electrical locomotives firefighters must always maintain a _____ foot clearance from all locomotive rooftop equipment.

15 feet


Before working near, on, or under any train that is not derailed what should be performed?

Hand brakes shall be set on at least 2 different cars and the wheels should be chocked


Some passenger rail cars have access panel or a "soft spot" on the roof. These soft sorts can be accessed by...

Using a circular rescue saw to cut through the soft spot


How many feet should fire and rescue personnel stay away from moving trains?

30 feet


Fire and rescue personnel may enter the engine rooms of diesel electric locomotives only after ensuring what has been completed?

The engine has been shut down


Prior to the power being removed and the system grounded the current in catenary lines can arc up to how many feet?

3 feet


What is the procedure for flagging personnel to signal a train to stop?

Light a flare and wave it horizontally at a right angle to the track


When a lookout spots an oncoming train, on what channel shall the spotter communicate this information?

The operations and dispatch channels


You are assigned as a spotter and at railroad incident. An oncoming train approaches and you give the proper signal for the trail to stop. If the trail operator sees you how will the train operator acknowledge your signal?

With 2 short blasts of the horn


What tracks does Amtrak operate on?

Trains can operate on any track, in any direction, at any time


What will be the dispatched address when there is an incident on the train tracks?

Mileposts located along the right-of-way


What is the minimum distance flagging should be established on each side of the incident in dark territory?

2 miles


How is it determined that overhead catenary lines no longer electrically powered?

By having an on-site Amtrak Class-A employee secure a grounding stick to overhead wires and install the grounding wire from the stick to the rail


What is the procedure if the owner/operator of the tracks cannot stop the trains?

Two people with a radio and 3 thirty minute flares will walk 2 miles from the incident and if a train is spotted or heard while walking or in position, light a flare and wave it horizontally back and forth at a right angle to the tracks