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G.O. 2013-038:
At what time are operational field personnel permitted to where uniform shorts?

Between May 1 and October 31


G.O. 2014-064:
Under what circumstances are the FRD 399-A forms allowed to be given to the Good Samaritan who was potentially exposed?



G.O. 2014-058:
Based on the findings of HM440 during post fire montoring, the ______ in conjunction with the _______ will determine if the use of SCBA's are still needed.

Incident Commander, Safety Officer


G.O. 2014-046:
How does the OIC verify if his/her at patient button worked properly?

They hear a series of beeps


G.O. 2014-048:
At what point may the remote speaker microphone be disconnected form the radio?

During daily check


G.O. 2014-059:
On what apparatus are Apple iPads for patient tracking located?

Engines, Transport Units and EMS Supervisors


G.O. 2014-059:
Where a loaner iPad for patient tracking may be procured?

EMS Supervisor


G.O. 2014-030:
The _____________ will be the cornerstone of the WIOC initiative?

File of Life


G.O. 2013-055:
Where shall company or unit insignias be located on a non FRD issued t-shirt?

On the back or right sleeve


G.O. 2012-072:
When shall all employees input their time including overtime, on call time, etc.?

Each day they work