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Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) is the ______ most common health-care associated infection in the U.S. and is responsible for ____% of the infections that occur in intensive care units.




VAP is suspected when a patient receiving mechanical ventilation has evidence of what three things?

- a new or progressive pulmonary infiltrate along with fever

- leukocytosis

- purulent tracheobronchial secretions


When is a pneumonia considered ventilator associated?

if the patient was intubated and receiving mechanical ventilation at the time of or within 48 hours before the onset of infection


What are the components of the 2010 VAP bundle? (6)

- elevation of HOB 30-40 degrees

- prophylaxis for peptic ulcer disease (PUD)

- prophylaxis for DVT

- daily interruption of sedation

- daily assessment of readiness for extubation

- daily oral care with chlorhexidine


What is biofilm?

a very thin layer of microorgranisms that strongly adhere to organic and nonorganic material

(its a kind of fortress of microorganisms that have evolved a variety of coping and survival mechanisms against phagocytosis, UV radiation, dehydration, host immunity, and antibiotics)


Biofilm can withstand _____ to ______ times the concentrations of antimicrobials that inhibit or kill individual planktonic cells.

100 to 1,000


A fun description of biofilm.....

the bacteria of the biofilm actively produce and secrete a variety of protective polymers and incorporate existing environmental molecules into their community fabric, effectively binding the resident bacteria to one another and to the organic or inorganic surface that they reside on.

the secreted matrix, termed extracellular polymeric substance, is composed of sugary molecular strands.

a symbiosis develops as the bacterial community secretes pheromones that provide cell-cell signaling between the same and different bacterial species.

the biofilm may come to house a dozen or more species of bacteria and fungi as well.


A recent study showed that which gender has more bacteria on their hands?

women! dirty, dirty women!