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Peasant revolt in Mexico by Catholic church. Make the church more important to government. Secularism



Farms created by Benito. Group of peasants live on community farm and work together.


Pancho Villa

Complete Mexican revolution in north. Worked with Zapato. Robin Hood figure. Restructured society. Land distribution. Elected in 1920 to end revolution after 10 years


Alvaro Obregon

Leader of Mexican government 1920 liberal president gradual change. Brought over machine guns.


Emiliano Zapato

Complete Mexican revolution in SOUTH. Worked with Zapato. Robin Hood figure. Restructured society. Land distribution. Elected in 1920 to end revolution after 10 years.


Mexican Revolution

Fought over 10 years. Overthrow of Diez- took over max a million


Dominant Foreign Power in Latin America, post WWI

The United States. Monroe doc. Solidify the u.s. influence over west


Russian revolution 1917

Started in st. Pete. Earlier worker revolts, leads to a much bigger revolt. People blame Zhar Nickolous 2 for WWI. Many wanted to leave the war. No supplies are getting into Russia. Not industrialized. Bolsheviks murder the whole Zhar family. Starts the Soviet Union.



Main gov in Russia. Can't rule everyone. Set up small community governments


Alexander Kerensky

March revolution 1917. Provisional government. Temporary government. Want to set up new government after the war. Bolsheviks wanted to get out of the war and give the people what they wanted -peace, land, and bread. Through Alex out in October revolution.


Lenin’s Policy for WWI

Promised freedom for small business owners, food production goes up. Got Russia out of war- allies don't care what happens to Russia treaty of briest-litovsk


Manchu Dynasty

Didn't change much in government. Just lost the opium wars. China is in a vulnerable position. Hostile against Europeans. 11-12 try to become a republic. Thrown out of power in 1912. Then communist take over.


1911 revolt/revolutionary alliance

11-12 anti Ching (revolutionary alliance) end dynasty. Sun Yat-sen lead, brought Ching republic.


Japan gains in China after the war

Took Germany colonies. Didn't get to keep them. Took over Manchuria.


May Fourth Movement

China. Resistance of Japanese in 1919. Power is given to Japan, makes China nervous. Revolt against all western influence. Treaty doesn't give anything to China. Had it. Try to get all western influence out too China.


Chiang Kai-Shek

A military officer who succeeded Sun Yat-sen as the leader of the Guomindang or Nationalist party in China in mid 1920s. Became the most powerful leader in China in the 1930s, but his Nationalists forces were defeated and driven from China by communists after WWII.


Hitler's economic plan

Write the wrongs of treaty. Says it can't build up military, but he does. Put people back to work in war industry. Gearing up for war



Germany, Italy, Soviet Union. Seek to control lives of people. Secret police. Propaganda. One sided news.


General Francisco Franco’s Political Party

Fascist leader. Military dictator. Falmage. Hitler and Mussolini help.


Downfall of 1st Peronist Government

Argentina Juan Peron. Came to power twice. 1st- coloration labor union, business owners, military. Wife helped him rise to power. When they break apart, he falls from power.


Eva Peron

Face of his campaign. Dies before Juan is kicked out of power. Face of the people.


Axis / Allied powers

Axis- Germany, Italy, Japan.
Allied- France, Britain, U.S1941., Soviet Union1942.


Nationalists social party

Nazi party. Led by hitler. Took power in 1933.


End of appeasement

When hitter went against treaty. Just as long as he only takes one little piece of land. Making him happy. Poland is threaten. France declares war.


Vichy France

1940 France falls to Germany. Government in southern France. Puppet government. Vichy government carry out order of Germany.


Final solution

Put Jews in ghettos. Then concentration camps. When the camps became too full and people were too weak to work. Death.


Wansee Conference

Laid out concentration camps. And planned the final solution. Was in charge of the genocide of Jews


D Day

Reestablish western front. 1944. All out invasion of Europe. Take coastline and move onto the continent of Europe.


Battle of the bulge

Last effort of Germany. Last push against allies. Did not break through. Only made a bulge in the line.


Yalta conference

Between britian, u.s. Soviet Union. Making plans for final offense to bring Japan to surrender. Getting Stalin on board to help contain Japan- want piece of Manchuria.



Racial segregation in Africa.


Mao Zedong

Head of Communist party. Lead the Long March. Had peasants for followers. Had the Japanese support once they started to invade.


Long March

Communist escape from Hunan province during civil war with Guomindang in 1934. Center of communist power moved to Shannxi province. Firmly established Mao Zedong as head of the communist party in china.


Trigger to Great Depression

International economic crisis following WWI. began w/ collapse of American stock market in 1929. Actual causes included collapse of agricultural prices in 1920s/massive unemployment in u.s. & Europe.


Invasion of Ethiopia

Mussolini wanted to avenge Italy for not winning the colony before. He did want to be overshadowed by hitler.


New deal

FDR precursor of the modern welfare state (1933-39) programs to combat economic depression enacted a number of social insurance measures and used government spending to stimulate the economy


Benito Mussolini

Italian fascist leader after WWI. Created first fascist government. Based on aggressive foreign policy and new nationalist glories.


Nonaggression Pact

Signed between Germany and Russia. 1939. Agreed on splitting up the countries east of Germany between the two. Days later, Hitler led an attack on the Soviet Union.



German term for lightning warfare. Involved rapid movement of airplanes, tanks, and mechanized troop carriers. Resulted in Early German victories over Belgium, holland, and France.


Pearl Harbor

Attacked by Japanese on dec. 7, 1941. Crippled American fleet and brought U.S. into WWII.



Decisive victory over powerful Japanese carrier force. Sunk 4 out of 7 airplane carriers.


Japan’s Surrender

After two atomic bombs were dropped, they finally gave up.


United Nations

International organization formed in the aftermath of WWII. Included all of the victorious allies. Primary mission was to provide a forum for negotiating disputes.



Racial segregation in Africa that allowed whites to remain politically and economically in charge.


Jomo Kenyatta

Leader of the nonviolent nationalist party in Kenya. Organized the Kenya Africa union. Failed to win concessions because of resistance of white settlers. Came to power only after suppression of the Land freedom Army or Mau Mau.


Partition of India

India wins Independence from supporting Britain during war. Spilt into two. 1940 Hindu keep India. Muslims form Pakistan.


Palestine/Israel Problem

Britain choose to let Palestine to keep half of their land and let Jews take the other half.


French Control of Vietnam Ends

1950 dinebeinphu last fort given up by France. Communist take over Vietnam. Influence from China.


“Iron Curtain"

Division in Europe. Visible division. Between east and west. Communism and democratic. Leads into Cold War.


Focal Point of Cold War in Europe

Germany Berlin spilt between democratic and communist


“Eastern Bloc” Countries

Under communist influence. Everything east of Berlin.


Marshall Plan

Loan program by u.s. Need help rebuilding Europe. Borrow $. Promise not to become communist. Different from truman doc(military support against communism)


Women in Communist Russia

Right to vote, but no free election. Most worked. Wages were low. Pg. 775. Promote equality between man and women. Women joined certain fields that men didn't (medicine). West had traditional- staying at home.


Nikita Khrushchev

Leader involved in Cold War. Moved missiles to Cuba. Failed. Taken out of power. Stalin came before. Negotiated to take missiles out of Cuba. U.s. Would not invade Cuba. Take missiles out of turkey.


Triple Alliance/ Entente

They formed groups of alliance systems after the French German issues with the Franco Prussian war, two sides involved in the First World War, Germany, Austria Hungary and Italy (ottomans joined and Italy left) were alliance, entente were Britain, France and Russia (Italy joins, Russia leaves, us joins, Japan joins)


"Powder Keg" of Europe/ 2 rivals in Balkans

Balkans were the point were it was being fought for it, Austria Hungary took it and Russia was upset because it wasn't given its independence and then their small conflict became world wide due to the alliance


Cause of WWI

Franco Prussian war caused tension between France and Germany led to the alliance system, Germans got allies, France went and formed alliances


Western front

along lines of Belgium to Switzerland and trench warfare because machine guns killed too many and no mans land between


Consequences for women

in the us they started taking over the labor force and it redefined who got what jobs but when the men came back they took back their jobs but women got voting rights, Switzerland was not involved in the war so they didn't get women's rights


Italian front WWI

they were fighting Austria Hungary when they switched sides


Warfare on Asia during WWI

Japan was with the allies in ww one, axis in WWII, attacked German overseas colonies, treaty of Versailles left Japan bitter so they invaded china using the excuse that they didn't want the communists to take control


Ottoman participation

joined when Italy left, some of the Balkans, helped Germany in the tanzimat reforms in military, forced to join


Treaty of Versailles

caused a lot of bitterness because it was not effective and the League of Nations couldn't do anything but talk at you, congress didn't sign because it was to exclusive, created more problems, took land from Russia and just set up WWII and everything is split up and took financial responsibility for the war