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National African Congress.. Western educated native Africans. Partied and British rule


1912 Asia

Fall of Ching dynasty, start of revolution.. Last dynasty of China. Civil war- nationalist over throw ching dynasty then communist fight them. Communist take over. Blamed for opium war and treaty of Nanjing- encouraged western influence- decline in Chinese trade.



WWI.. Alliance systems lead it to be a world war instead of small dispute. Assignation of Archduke. First terrioist activity. 14 points- self determination- no outside forces should decide to have an empire and take over weak nations. Imperialism falls out of style.



Arabs revolt against ottoman.. Islam is the on,y thing that unifies Ottoman Empire. Arabs want their own nation separate from ottoman Turks.


1917 WWI

United States enters WWI.. Germany attacks US ships that were neutral. Zimmerman telegram. Germany provokes US into war. US gets involved even though it was a European war.



Russian Revoltution.. Spilt up the central power, but lagged industrially. Millions are starving at home. Zhar was blamed for joining the war. Bolsheviks come to power. Sign peace treaty with Germany, taking Russia out.


1917 Britian

Balfor Treaty.. Big minority that could help. They isolate themselves from British government. So prime minister Promised land for Jews in Middle East, they didn't own any land in Middle East so it was an empty promise. But, britian owned a mandate- Holy lands. Hold out in 1918 when they get the land. They finally get their land after WWII.



Treaty of Versailles & League of Nations formed.. Ends WWI. Discontent, makes enemies. Creates more deadly war instead of ending. Creates economic depression. Germany has to pay billions for damage- Germany has the blame for the war. Russia lost out on land that they gave to Germany. Japan had to give up German land. China lost land and given to Japan. League of Nations could only give out warnings cause it was too exclusive.



Treaty sevrevs.. Reorganizes Middle East- mandate system. Middle East wasn't trusted to make idea pendant countries- babysat ME. France gets Lebanon and Serbia. British get Palestine- finally gave them the land in 1948



Communist party is formed in China.. Goes against western influence. Starts civil war.



Exchange of power from Lenin(communist) to Stalin.. Totalitarian- control all aspects of people lives. Institutes five year plan- production goals, very harsh unrealistic goals. US distants itself from Russia- didn't want to work together.



Height of Great Depression.. Stock market crashes. Overspending money like no tomorrow. People are losing savings. Banks close. Lost homes, and everything. Germany voted for a radical leader so it can change the government. They did change the government, but weren't good people.



Japan invades Manchuria.. Japan has been gearing up their war industry. Trying to get a foothold on Asia to get resources- coal and trees. China is in civil war and aren't suspecting a threat from Japan. China fights together to fight off Japan then fight each other.



Gandhi and resistance in India.. Promotes nonviolence and civil obedience. Makes Britian look bad. People boycott British goods all over the world.



Nazi rise to power.. Hitler leads them. Genocide starts once WWII starts. Wanted a pure German people. Forced people to immigrate out. Fascist- socialist economy and ultra nationalist goals. Promote your country at the expense of others. Did everything that went against the treaty to show his power. Give into hitler's demands. War finally starts in 39 when he invades poland



New deal.. Policy to bring US out of Great Depression. Aimed to create jobs for people. Welfare & social security.



Germany & Italy.. Germany: rebuilds up their army. Italy: gets the idea from hitter to attack other nations. Facist- hurt others for your benefit. Ethiopia is the only country that didn't fall to Europe. Ethiopia wasn't gained durning the 1880s. Now is his chance to strike them.



Military in power in Japan, invade China.. China is vulnerable, there is no single ruler. Early sign that Japan is building a Asian empire. Taking over a once powerful nation. Have factories ready to build up military strengthn.



Nazi-Soviet nonaggression Pact.. They don't like each other. Mutual relationship. Hitler does not want to fight a two front war. He is playing off the soviets not wanting to go to war again. Russia is promising not to help the former allies because of the treaty of Versailles.



WWII.. League couldn't stop war. Germany is an enemy of France and britian. Italy and Japan are bitter so they form the axis powers. Russia is bitter that they sign a nonaggression pact. Two aggressors in Europe. One in Asia. Untied Nations formed- peace keeping force, not exclusive(deceleration of rights). Polarized capitalist and communist- Cold War



US enters WWII.. France and Eastern Europe has fallen. Japan provokes the US by expanding eastward. Pearl Harbor was predictable, crippled US navy to get rid of threat. Japanese were unchecked by britian, wanted to make checks against US ports.



Holocost.. Before, encouraging emigration. People move to neighboring countries. Then he takes over neighboring countries, so he is still stuck in the empire. Instead of people sitting around in ghettos, they go to work for German warfare. Effects: many counties believe that Jews need a homeland. 48 is when it is established. Their neighbors don't agree that they don't have right to live there.



Formation of UN.. World police that would be more productive. Standards that the UN meets- genocide, civil war. Donate part of army to peace keeping force. Security concil.


1945 Japan

Atomic bombs dropped on Japan.. Hiroshi bombed first. Nagasaki bombed second. Find another way to make Japan surrender. Either an all out invasion or something worse. Italy and Germany has surrendered. Starts the arms race. People use nuclear weapons as a threat.


1945 Vietnam

Communists Vietnam independence.. France still had the colony until 54. Division along 17 parallel. Proxy war. Communist win when US pulls troops in 73.



Soviets take over East Europe.. Rebuilding after WWII. Using communism. Leads to conflict with Cold War, Iron curtain, and Berlin Wall. Differences are polarizing Europe.



Philippians independence from US.. Made a target of Japanese cause it was US own. Wanted independence cause Japan saw them as a target.


1947 LA

Peronism in Argentina.. Fascist leader. Not allies, but support Germans. Wife bridged him to gain him people support. Lost popularity cause he was associated with Germany and Italy. Lost support of military and got kicked out of power.


1947 Asia

India and Pakistan gain independence.. Muslims minority caused issues. Indian national congress becomes government- giving too much power to Hindus. Divide off. Muslims get north. India south. Everyone is moving to their country.


1948 Asia

Division of Korea.. Big proxy war with Soviet Union. Northern half became communist. Southern half nationalist. Both were rebuilding Korea under capitalists and communism. Truman doc let US help military. 38 parallel.



Israel-Palestine partition; first Arab-Israeli war.. Series of wars between Israeli and Arabs. Egypt opposes a Jewish state in the region. Palestine wouldn't give it up. Israel takes it over. Palestine is now exiled and still is.



Formation of NATO (North Atlantic treaty organization).. In response to soviet bloc. Soviet Union makes the Warsaw Pact. It's NATO against Warsaw Pact.


1949 Asia

Communist victory in China.. Communist wins so nationist exiled to Taiwan. US didn't recognize China. People's democratic of China(communist). Reformers de Zhou Ping introduces privatization.



Korea War.. North supported by Soviet and China. South was supported by US helped to keep north free, but couldn't make the whole country free.



Warsaw Pact.. In response to NATO. Polarization of counties. Cold War is having more conflict.



Cuban revolution.. US is trying to keep communism out of power. Batista nationalization of sugar. US pulled support of Batista. Castro come to power. US sat back, unaware that Castro was communism. US should have become more involved for national security. Now there is a communist nation 90 miles from their border. Didn't contain communism. *



Civil rights movement in US.. Unfair treatment to African Americans. The trend of decolonization was effecting the mother country also. There was no reason for them to be treated differently. Gender distinction none is superior over the other. Women going into the work force during the Wars. Not a fair paid.



Cultural revolution in China.. Attack on all western ideas, clothing, music, everything that has roots in western influence. After great leap forwards. Last efforts to maintain control. Gang of Four takes over



US military intervention in Vietnam.. After two years of training troops, they deployed troops. Proxy war. US citizens did not support this because they believed that this wasn't their war. Containment- Truman doc. Involved in Korea and now Vietnam. People don't believe in keeping an ideology in check.



Communist victory in Vietnam.. Paris peace accords signed. Untied all Vietnam under communism. Looks a lot like Korea except outcome. First time containment has failed.



Democratic regimes spread in LA.. CIA support the raise to democratic governments. If us gets involved, the CIA works behind the scenes so no one knows. Cuba was the only place that is communist.



Death of Mao; new reform pattern in China.. Gang of Four take over, exiled. Then Deng xiao ping takes over. Moving China towards socialist economy by privatization.



Iranian revolution.. Sha was too friendly with west. She was a figure head. US works the government. Muslim mosque officials come to power. Shia. Ayatollah Komenin attempts to invade Iraq to make them become Shia instead of Sunni.



Iran-Iraq War.. Shia (Iran) trying to force Iraq to become Shia



Gorbachev heads Soviet Union; reforms across Eastern Europe.. Tries to move away from communism - pierastroka. Glasnost- openness- more freedom to speak out. Opened them up to outside influence.



Reunification of Germany.. Germany was split between Soviet Union, great britian, France and US. Cold War tensions was intense- Berlin Wall. When it was torn down, signaled that Cold War was over. When Germany was back together it signaled that the Cold War was finally over.



Iraq invades Kuwait; Persian gulf war.. Kuwait was wealthy from oil fields. NATO nations invaded. Trying to save economic ties. Terrorist believe that they are not only fighting for economic reasons, but cultural and religious like crusades.



Oslo Accords between Palestine and Israel.. Real attempt to come to amends. Israel will recognize the Palestinian government. Palestine will recognize Israel is New nation.
Full democracy in South Africa Nelson Mendala.. Break down of apartheid. Spent 30 years in prison. Ends apartheid with his election of president.



Putin becomes president of Russia.. Move from communism to democracy. He was elected by the people. There is no limit to how long he can be in power, but he was elected by the people.



US-British invasion of Iraq.. Iraq was being suspicious with all the terrorist groups and wasn't working with UN to show them all their weapons so it was US and Britain call to invade to expose them.



Marshall plan.. Economic superiority against Europe. If counties wanted help from US, they had to promise not to become communist. Containment of communism.



Cuban missile crisis.. US had missiles in turkey. Soviet put missiles on Cuba. Blockaded Cuba so no help from soviet. Closest we come to breank of war. Don't want to be known as the instigated of WWIII. so they tried to demilitarize. Found a compromise.