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2nd Continental Congress

1)Printing of $
2)Post office (franklin in charge)
3) Committees of communication
Voted for supplies and troops
5)Olive Branch Petition
GW Commander in chief of army


Olive Branch Petition

Petition (formal request) sent to King George
Last peace offering before separation
Wanted the King to accept blame and repeal acts
(grievances (problems) which they want the King and Parliament to address.
King rejected TREASON for those who agree (German mercanaries)
Colonist no other choice
instructed the local militias in each town to begin preparing for war with the MINUTEMEN!


Thomas Paine Common Sense

Island can't rule continent
British are to far away
King George is doing everything wrong
When the king stinks: REBEL
500,000 copies sold


Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Ben Franklin, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston
Preamble, Beliefs, Complaints, Declaration
July 4, 1776