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Information designed to influence opinion


Committee of correspondence

An organization that circulated writings about colonists' greivances against Britain-spread the news


Boston Massacre

Angry townspeople going against British soldiers (redcoats) in Boston
March 5, 1770!


Crispus Attucks

Died in the Boston Massacre-part NA, part black


Boston Tea Party

December, 1773
Determined no tea to come to shore
30 men ~ Mohawk Indians (signal S. Adams) at night
$1 million in damage


Coercive Acts

Intolerable Acts-King George III punishes people
Closed the port of Boston
Royal officers: tried in London
Governmental positions appointed by King
Banned most town meetings
Bostonians shelter soldiers


Lord North

New Prime Minister-repealed Townshend Acts except for tea


Tea Act

Gave the East India Company a monopoly (no substitutes) on the trade in tea
Right to ship tea to the colonies (no tax)
made it illegal for the colonies to buy non-British tea
Bypass colonial merchants sell directly to shopkeepers
forced the colonies to pay the tea tax of 3 cents/pound.