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What are the symptoms of an avulsed tooth?

Tooth lost from socket


What tissues are damaged in Avulsion?

Servered NVB
Servered PDL and cementum
Gingival cuff


What is the survival rate for pulp following avulsions?

Open apex: 35%
Closed apex 0%


How do you manage avulsions in closed apices where the tooth has been re implanted prior to dentist?

Clean, suture any lacerations
Confirm position of tooth with PA and clinically
Flexible splint 2/52

Antibiotics tetracycline but not if under 12 or penicillin
Tetanus booster if trauma outside

RCT 7/10 days post trauma using CaOH for one month
Soft diet


What do you cover the root with in an open apex tooth that has been stored appropriately? And what solutions would be appropriate?

1. Patient buccal sulcus
2. Hanks salt solution
3. Milk
4. Saline

Minocycline HCL microspheres


When can you do RCT on an open apex tooth that has not been stored appropriately?

Before reimplantation
Within 7-10 days post implantation


What do you cover the root with in a tooth that has an immature apex and has been kept in an unstable media?

0.2% NaF