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What are the signs and symptoms of extrusion?

Displacement +
Mobility +++
Tooth protruded/retruded
Vitality -(most commonly)


Which tissues are affected in extruded teeth?

Alveolar bone intact
Severed NVB
Root face is exposed
PDL separated
Gingival cuff


What radiographs are taken in extruded teeth and when would follow up?

PA: PDL shows space is increased
2 weeks
4 weeks
6 month
1 yr
Yearly for five yrs


what treatment is required for extruded teeth?

1. LA
2. Clean area
3. Reposition tooth with finger pressure
4. Place resin connect or wire splint for 2/52
5. Suture lacerations


What is the prognosis for extruded teeth with San open apex and closed apex?

Open apex 95%
Closed apex 45%


What are the symptoms of lateral luxations?

1. Tooth is displaced palatally or lingually NOT axially
2. None mobile since apex is into bone and ankylosis sound when tapped


Which tissues are affected in lateral luxation?

1. Communition of bone but if both sides of bone fractured then alveolar bone fracture
2. Severed NVB
3. PDL compressed
4. Possible damage to permanent tooth


When would you take radiographs?

2 weeks
4 weeks
6 month
1 yr
Yearly for 5 years


How do you treat lateral luxations?

1. La
2. Clean and reposition with finger
3. Place flexible splint for 4/52 or longer if bone fractured
4. RCT is indicated if tooth is discoloured and -ve vitality for 3/12 and signs of apical path


What is the likely hood of survival following laterals luxations?

Open apex: 95%
Closed apex: 25%