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When would you consider xla a primary incisor?

If maintenance means jeapordising developing tooth bud


What is the treatment option for an uncomplicated crown fracture?

Smooth any sharp edges and restore with composite if child co operates


What is the treatment action for complicate crown fractures?

Extraction usually
Consider extirpation and place ZnO cement down canal if pt co operates


What is the treatment option for a crown root fracture?

extract since Pulp exposed and restorative treatment is difficult


What is the treatment option for root fracture?

If not displaced and only slightly mobile then monitor
If coronal fragment becomes non vital and and symptomatic then extract
Apical part usually remains vital and will resorb as normal


What should be placed on any soft tissue injuries daily?

CHX on cotton bud


How do you manage subluxation?

Slight mobility monitor and soft diet for 2 weeks and keep area clean
Marked mobility needs to be xla


How do you treat extrusive luxation?

Marked mobility needs xla


How do you manage lateral luxation?

If the crown is displaced palatally the apex moves away from the permanent tooth germ and if the occlusion is not gagged open then conservative treatment
If the crown is displaced buccally then xla


How do you manage intrusive luxation?

Most common type of injury, need to determine where the tooth has been displaced too, if dissolved palatally then xla, if displaced buccally then monitor


When does re eruption occur in intruded tooth?

Within one and 6 months


What happens if the tooth does not re erupt within 6momths?

Needs xla likely tooth is ankylosed