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What are the treatment options for an enamel dentine fracture?

1. Composite buildup with GIC liner
2. Crown reattachment


What do you use as the cement in crown re attachment?



T/F you also need a GIC liner in the crown reattachment?



What are the options for discoloured non vital teeth?

Non vital bleaching


Why do non vital teeth become discoloured?

Hb and tissue breakdown products diffuse through the dentine tubules


What are the indications to non vital bleaching?

Discouloured teeth
Well condensed GP
No clinical or radiological signs of Periapical disease


What do you need for non vital bleaching?

Rubber dam
37% phosphoric acid
Bleaching agent eg sodium perforate of HP acid
Cotton wool
White GP
Composite resin
Non setting CaOH


How do you perform non vital bleaching?

1. Take pre op PA and colour shade of tooth
2. Rubber dam and access GP
3. Remove 1mm of GO down to level of dento gingival level
4. 1mm cement over GP
5. Etch pulp and wash
6. Place bleaching agent soacked cotton wool into chamber
7. Place dry cotton wool over and seal.
8. Repeat at weekly intervals to a mad of 10 until tooth over bleached slightly but if no changes after third try abandon
9. Place non setting CaOH in chamber for 2 weeks and seal
Restore with white GP and composite


What is the purpose of placing the cement over the GP?

To prevent bleach seeping out and inducing cervical resorption


What is the purpose of placing CaOH in the chamber prior to final restoration?

This is to calm down any inflammation that may have occurred in pdl


How do you perform vital bleaching?

Two types
Chair side and night guard


What are the options for displaced teeth?

Auto transplant


When can auto transplant be considered?

Reposition an ectopic tooth

Replacement of an un-restorable tooth with a redundant member of the dentition


What are the 6 stages to auto transplant?

1. Asses donor site
2. A traumatically extract donor tooth
3. Prepare recipient site
4. Transplantion
5. Splint
6. Root terra transplant tooth if req


What is usually given prior to auto transplant surgery?

Prophylactic AB usually penicillin as this has shown to reduce root resorption


What does assessment of donor tooth and recipient site entail?

Donor tooth: clinical and radiograph analysis and caries assessment and dimensions measured. Ideally 2/3 root complete (open apex), not too curved at apex as likely to become damaged in the process

Recipient site: radiograph and clinically. Look at space


How does xla a tooth for autotransplant differ?

1. Severe gingival fibres first
2. Forceps only on crown


What do you need to be careful with when splinting the transplanted tooth?

Not splint for too long as this will lead to possibility of ankylosis
Usually paint for three weeks only


When can teeth undergone transplant be moved orthodontic ally?

Following 3 months after placement and completion writhin 9 mths