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What are the signs of intrusion ?

1. Tooth displaced axially into bone
2. Ankylosis sound when tapped
3. Non mobile
4. Negative vitality
Possible bone fracture


What are the tissues affected in intrusion?

Communition or fracture of bone
Contusion bone
Pdl and cementum
NVB affected
Laceration of PDL
Gingival cuff fibres


Why do you need to take a radiographs with intruded teeth?

Check not in nasal cavity


How do you treat intrusions?

Open apex allow for spontaneous reposition nut if no movement after 3/52 then reposition with ortho

Closes apex: complete RCT within 2/52 post trauma with leadermix with CaOH dressing


What is the chance of tooth survival in intruded teeth?

Open apex: 40%
Close apex: 0%