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Explain an insects body (lice/fleas) ?

3 pairs of legs, their bodies are divided into 3parts



Explain an arachnids body ( Mites or Ticks) ?

4 Pairs of legs

Bodies are divided into 2 parts Cephalothorax and abdomen


What I'd (FAD) Flea allergic dermatitis ?

Some animals are allergic to flea saliva, causing severe legions after being bitten


What is Feline infectious Anaemia?

Caused by Mycoplasma Felis, The Protozoan parasite is transmitted through flea saliva when feeding on an infected animal, this can cause anaemia.

Treat with Oxoxycyline and blood transfusion


Explain Feline infection Enteritis ?

Transmitted by flea saliva it is a Protazoan parasite, can survive in environment for a long time

Passed through infected feaces or by a vector (flea)


What are the clinical sings and treatment for fleas?

Raised inflamed skin
Hypersensitivity reaction to saliva
Self inflicted wounds,coat twitching
Cats- Milary dermatitis/ exemia

Treatment -- Front line (fipronil), stronghold, treat environment

Animal must also be treated for Dipylidium Canium


What are the 2 types of sucking lice ?

- Trichodectes canis
- Linognathus setosus

Feed on blood only found on mammals


What is the Latin name for the Biting louse?

Felicola Substrathus

Feed on outer layer of the skin shaft , skin scales, blood scabs found on birds and mammals


What are the clinical signs and treatment for lice?

Intense itching, self inflicted wounds
Hair loss
Red skin

May cause anemia in young pups, (Cats) - intense pruritis and skin disease

Treat with Frontline ( Fripronil) , Strong hold, insecticidal wash or spray


Clinical signs of ticks (Ixodes ricinus) ?

Asymptomatic, can be seen by the naked eye some can transmit diseases such as babesia or Limes disease

Treatment- Removal by tomohook + frontline as preventative or dabbing tick with acaricide


What are the clinical sings of Sarcoptes scabies ?

Starts at the tips of ears + face in severe cases mite will infect trunk, Extremely itchy causing hair loss , self inflicted wounds and thickening of the skin.

Treat with Selamectin topically to 2 treatments one month apart , Ivermctin liquid off lab or Amitraz dips

Zoonotic causes mange and scabies in humans


Clinical signs and treatment of Dexodex ?

Non- Puritic Alopecia , affects face (wearing spectacles ) severe infection can cause secondary bacterial infection and mange

Notodectres Cati - Primarily affects cats cannot complete is life cycle in a dog

Causes red pustules in humans can cause permanent darkening of skin due to constant irritation


Clinical signs and treatment for ododectes cyanosis ?

Way brown discharge in ear canal becomes crusty can cause secondary bacterial infection

Clean ear canal thoroughly apply Oterna Canarul or Otodex , Treat inflammation and pruritis with steroids

String hold as a preventative


Ectoparasite parasites are part of the Arthropod family, the external skeleton consists of??

No vertebrae , Jointed legs and segmented bodies


Clinical signs and treatment for cheyletiella ?

Causes mild dermatitis , little Puritis and skin reaction can be seen by the naked eye referred to as walking dandruff.

Treat with selenium sulphide shampoo, Amitraz dips ivermectin injections also treat the environment environment with spray


Clinical signs of Neotrombicula autumnalisis ?

Orange coloured mite commonly referred to as harvest mite - seasonal mite ( late summer) Temp parasite Dosent cause intense irritation to animal


Name the 3 roundworms ( endoparasites ) ?

Toxocara Cati
Toxocara canis
Toxocara leonine - cats and dogs

Cylindrical bodies


What is Dipydidium caninum?

Tape worm - Flea is mode of transmit


What is Tania species?

Tape worm - common in cats and dogs multiple species of Tania , Transfered through uncooked meat


What is Echinococcus Granulosis ?

Hydatic worm causes hydatic cysts, affects the lungs and liver


Explain the tapeworms body?

Long flat segmented body segments are referred to as Proglottid the head is called the scolex


What happens if humans get Dipylidium caninum?

Can cause diarrhoea and restless prevent by treating infected animals to kill flea and use a broad spectrum Anthelmintics


Explain how the transmittion of Taneia sp: Tetiasis happens?

By eating undercooked meat contaminated and infected pork, infected meat contains fluid filled cysts containing Tania larvey they are realised and attach to SI of human


What happens if a human gets Echinococcus Granulosis ?

Large cysts can develope on the liver and lungs same as sheep

Cyst must be drained and surgically removed

Disease is known as Echinococcosis


How can you prevent the contamination of round and tape worms?

Cook meat thorough
Wash hands
Wash veg correctly

Treat with cestocides and broad spectrum Anthelmintics


Dypylidium Canium control ?

Treat existing infected infection eliminating flea problem to eliminate flea problem to eliminate cycle

Tania species prevent animal from savaging wild prey


How to control Echinococcus Granulosis?

Dogs in rural areas should be regularly treated with an effective Anthelmintics Stopped from savaging and hunting


Describe the clinical signs of Ctenocephalides ?

- itching / Scratching
- Hair loss
- Over grooming
- skin rashes
- Bites (red raised lumps with inflamed surrounding area)
- Dirty skin (flea dirt)


Describe the clinical signs of Ixodes spp:?

- Fever
- Lethargic
- Localised inflammation
- Irritation
- Anaemia


Describe the clinical signs for ( Felicola subrostratus / Linognathus setosus?

- Itching/scratching
- Self inflicted bites/ scratches
- Rough/dry hair
- Thickened skin

- Sucking lice can cause anemia in large numbers

- Biting lice can transmit Dipylidium as can the flea