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brown vs board of edu

oliver browns daughter was forced to walk 2x the amount to school than close white school
-segregation affected blacks ability to learn
-court said sep but equal edu facilities were unequal



black minister who led bus boycott
-wanted to fight housing conditions
-led civil rights movement



congress of racial equality


civil rights act of 1964

johnson passed it
-all men entitled to liberty, no matter race
-outlawed any discrimination, banned segregation
-did not apply total equality though


voting rights act 1965

johnson signed
-protected voters from discriminatory practices
-led to racial tension and rage, unemployment, and unfulfilled expectations


black panthers

began as a community org, but led to murders, rebellion, rape, criminals, fights, and weapons


native americans

-unemployment high, life expectancy low
-issued a declaration of indian purpose asking for help with fed programs
-indian civil rights act guaranteed protection of the bill of rights and recognized the local reservation law
-american indian movement AIM: staged symbolic protests by occupying alcatraz and claiming ownership by "right of discovery"
-gambling casinos


equal pay act

outlawed paying men more than women


the civil rights act and women

outlawed job discrimination


title IX

prohibited federally funded schools from discriminating against women in all aspects--admissions to athletics


central high school 1957

-little rock, arkansas
-9 students be admitted to central high
-the governor, orval faubus, ordered troops from the national guard to prevent the students from entering the school
-the students entered the building and were beaten
-violence convinced eisenhower he had to act
-he ordered army sent to little rock and kids attended school`



student nonviolent coordinating committee
-student leaders from other states joined together
-played a key role in desegregating facilities in southern communities
-sent volunteers into rural areas to register blacks to vote


united farm workers

union that boycotted and fought for union recognition, increased wages, and better benefits
-led by cesar chaves and dolores huerta



-wanted to built utopia--society freer, closer to nature, full of love, tolerance, cooperation
-long hair, headbands, shabby clothes, drugs
-wanted to live together in communes
-after a few years, began to decline because dangerous communities, drug use waned as people died, got older and moved on
-fashion: recycled clothes, ethnic clothing, fringe, tie-dyed, long hair...soon became mainstream
-music: rock n roll, folk, bob dylan, jimi hendrix, amped instruments