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Epithelium of vagina?

nonkeratinizing squamous


What is adenosis?

When the upper 1/3 of vagina remains as columnar epithelium like its embryonic origin (mulerian duct) rather than changing to squamous like the rest of the vagina as it is supposed to.

Easy to remember because adenoma is tumor of glands and columnar cells tend to be more secretory, so that is why it is called ADENOSIS


When do people have adenosis?

Exposure to DES, a med used for pregnant lady until people realized its so bad. aDEnoSis (DES)


What is the problem with adenosis?

Risk of CLEAR CELL ADENOCARCIONMA which is malignant proliferation of glands with clear cytoplasm


What presents as grape-like masses protruding from vagina or penis of a child?

Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma (malignant mesenchymal tumor of skel muscle)


Staining for a rhabdomyoblast?

desmin and myoglobin. Desmin is in muscle cells and myoglobin is in rhabdomyoblasts


Where does vaginal carcinoma spread to?

Lower 2/3 to inguinal nodes b/c deco from urogenital science.

upper 1/3 to regional illiac node


What causes VAIN?

Vaginal Intraepithelial Neoplasia from HPV 16 or higher and squamous cell carcinoma can result


Most common malignancy of vagina?

Basically not starting from vagina. extension from cervical, vulvar or endometrail carcinoma. Also hematogenous spread from breast, ovary or kidney.


See, told ya it was short

and you didn't believe me.