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Polycistic ovarian disease is caused by what?

High LH:FSH. Greater than 2.


Explain pathophys of polycistic ovarian disease

High amount of androgen (HIRSUITISM), then in peripheral adipose, it will become estrogen, and that will go to pituitary and block FSH and follicles degenerate to become cystic. INFERTILE b/c no ovulation.

HIGH ESTRONE means risk for endometrial carcinoma


What are the 3 types of ovarian tumors? Which is most common?

Surface epithelial (most common)

Germ Cell tumor

Sex cord stromal tumor (theca or granulosa)


What two things make it possible to differentiate between cyst adenoma and malignant cystadenocarcionma?

Age: cystadenoma in women 30-40

Smoothness of epithelium. Malignant is usually complicated cysts and shaggy linigning


What are borderline cystic epithelium tumors?

Technically malignant, but good prognosis. Traits of cyst adenoma and cystadenocarcionma


BRCA1 has a risk of what type of cancer outside of the breast?

Serous carcinoma of ovary and fallopian tube. Often salpingo--oophorectomy along with mastectomy


Endometrioid carcinoma can be in ovaries

15% of the time there will be tumor in endometrium as well.


What is a tumor in the ovary that has urothelium?

Brenner tumor (BladdER, similar words) Bladder and brannier. Coffee Bean nuclei on H&E (First aid 582)


Ovarian sufrace tumors present how?

Late. So poor prognosis with vague abdominal symptoms: fullness, pain, compression. They often spread within the peritoneum


What is the serum marker for tracking treatment/recurrence of surface epithelial ovarian cancers?

CA-125! Think CA stands for cystadenoma! Not good for screening


Who presents with germ cell tumors?

Women ofrepro age usually. Makes sense. So if 15-30, germ cell tumor

30-40 probably benign cystic

60+ is probably malignant surface epithelial tumor


What is the most common type of cystic teratoma?

has neuroectoderm tissue.


Is a cystic teratoma benign?

Usually yes (which is good b/c most common type), but can the tumor can have a tumor (squamous cell carcinoma)


What is strum ovarii?

Cystic teratoma composed of thyroid tissue and can make hyperthyroid with abdominal mass


What germ cell tumor has fried egg cells?

Dysgerminoma. They are BAD b/c dys=bad germ=germ cell oma=mass. Look like eggs b/c thats what ovaries look like


What is the marker of dysgerminoma?



What tumor is most common germ cell tumor in kids?

Endodermal sinus tumor


What tumor has schiller-duval bodies (aka glomeruloid like structure)

Endodermal sinus tumor. Yolk sac tumor. Blood vessels are in the center with cells arour it to look like a glomerulus


What is the tumor marker for endodermal sinus tumor?

It is a yolk sac tumor, so ALPHA FETO PROTEIN (dick, also in liver carcionma, remember?)


What is the tumor that resembles trophoblasts and syncytolotrophoblasts?

Choriocarchima. It is bad b/c these cells are dsigned to invade blood vessels. NO chorionic villi are presents.


Is embryonal carcinoma bad?

Yeah. b/c early metastasis b/c primitive cells are made to move


Granulosa-theca tumors present how?

Post menopausal bleeding (makes sense) and estrogen production. so breast tenderness


What are call-exner bodies?

resemble primordial follicles seen in granulosa cell tumors


What happens to women with sertoli, leydig tumors?

They happen in ovary and leydigs make Reinke Crystals (pink crystals). Women have hirsutism or virilization


What are Reinke crystals?

Sertoli, leydig tumors. In women. They are pink crystals and think of as RANK (like you smell rank) b/c will cause masculine features from testosterone in women and you will smell bad


What is Meigs syndrome?

Triad of ovarian fibroma, ascites and hydrothorax.


What is a fibroma of the ovary?

Bundles of spindle shaped fibroblastas that can cause meigs syndrome


What is a kruckenburg tumor? Where is it from?

Mucinous tumor from outside of ovary to both ovaries. Usually from GI tumor. Breasts can make them as well.

If bilateral, probably metastatic, can be primary if on one side


What does a kruckenburg tumor look like on histo?

Signet ring cells. Nucleus displaced to edge of cell


What is pseudomyxoma peritonea?

Pseudomyxoma peritonea (so myxedema is bulge, and it is fake dense mass, but just mucous in peritoneum. Name makes sense)

Jelly belly. The peritoneum as a ton of mucus int. Usually from appendix, can metastasize to ovary. JOE SAW IT IN CLINIC!P