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n. a person or thing surviving from an earlier time, esp. someone surviving in office or remaining on a sports team

[The McLaughlin Group] is a holdover from the shouting match era of programs



1. ward off (a weapon or attack), esp. with a countermove. 2. answer (a question or accusation) evasively

1. Less than three years later, Gorbachev parried a coup attempt from hard-liners in Moscow. 2.  the president parried enquiries about the arms scandal.



v. behave in a way that is intended to impress or mislead others

some regarded his talk of glasnost as little more than posturing.



v. 1. (was against but) to yield completely, esp under pressure. 2. collapse and fall into the space below.

by the end of 1989—there was little Gorbachev or anyone else could do to prevent them from caving the country in.

cave in


v. 1. surround and confine (as if with a hedge); obstruct. 2. evade or qualify as to avoid commitment or allow for contingencies. 3. protect (one's investment) against loss by making balancing contracts.

they will think of it as hedging your bets and building in an excuse for yourself in case you get the prediction wrong.



adj. very appropriate to a particular situation
prep. with reference to; concerning

either one of which would have been an apropos nickname for a ball club from Wisconsin.



n. a short excursion or journey for pleasure

the song feels apropos to a midnight jaunt.



adj. 1. very cheerful and full of energy; overflowing with enthusiasm. 2. boiling or seeming to boil; bubbling

The series was founded in 1996 by Gary Huckabay, an ebullient and sarcastic redhead.




adj. 1. comfortable, warm, and cozy; well protected from the weather or cold. 2. (of an income or employment) Allowing one to live in comfort and comparative ease

It's much easier to put up a high batting average in snug and boxy Fenway Park.



n. (plural n) the surrounding area or district

the cavernous environs of Dodger Stadium, which is surrounded by a moat of parking lot.



v. 1. isolate or hide away (someone or something). 2. isolate (a jury). 3. take legal possession of (assets) until a debt has been paid or other claims have been met財產扣押

More often they sequestered themselves in their hotel rooms to negotiate trades with one another.



n. the easing of hostility or strained relations, esp. between countries 緊張關係的緩和

The success of the Red Sox, who won...with a fusion approach that emphasized both statistics and scouting, may have been a key factor in the détente.



n. 1. a boarding or breeding establishment for dogs or cats. 2. a small shelter for a dog or cat; doghouse

often the clients' dogs live in his kennels while they are being shown.



a. (v) 1. to make or become shrunken and withered (esp. due to loss of moisture). 2. to lose or cause to lose momentum or vitality.
b. (n) a young plant, esp. one raised from seed (vs. sprout)

shriveled leaves on the unwatered seedlings

shrivel /ˈSHrivəl/
seedling /ˈsēdliNG/


adj. Of or found in a river

A ravine is generally a fluvial slope landform of relatively steep (cross-sectional) sides



n. 1. a quick up-and-down movement. 2. a state of nervous excitement; stir.
v. 1. hover by flapping the wings quickly and lightly. 2. move or fall with light irregular or trembling motion; flicker. 3. (heart) beat rapidly. 3. (stomach) feel tremulous (b/c are nervous or excited).

the way he uses his brush to create a flutter of excitement and rustling movement in The Procession of 1927.




n. a girl with mischievous or boyish charm

[Rose Byrne] is tiny, very slim, all coltish legs, gamine and fresh faced.



adj. extremely or unreasonably high

The success of [Bridesmaid] was so stratospheric that there is now no avoiding the public eye.



v. submit to a process of alteration, rearrangement, or permutation

“In another, the wind conditions in Stuttgart are permuted by a fraction of a percent.”




(v) 1. analyze (a sentence) into its parts and describe their syntactic roles (grammar rules)
(v) 2. examine or analyze minutely

“They rapidly parse through any distortions in the data in order to identify abstract qualities like pattern and organization”



adj. openly outrageous; conspicuously bad, offensive

“Floehr also uncovered a more flagrant example of fudging the numbers”



(v) 1. adjust or manipulate (facts or figures) so as to present a desired picture; tamper to deceive.
(v) 2. present or deal with (something) in a vague, noncommittal, or inadequate way, esp. so as to conceal the truth or mislead; evade; hedge; parry

1. Floehr also uncovered a more flagrant example of fudging the numbers
2. a temptation to fudge the issue and nudge grades up



(v) 1. act or move slowly; to waste time
(v) 2. show a casual interest in something, without committing oneself seriously; trifle; toy

1. Nagin dallied, issuing a voluntary evacuation order instead.
2. the company has been dallying with the idea of opening a new office



(v) assign

There is also credit to apportion—most people did evacuate; approption blame or liability to any one individual



(n) a route over or through mountains

Meanwhile, the citizens of a town a mountain pass away, Sulmona



(n) an accumulation, as of unfinished tasks
(v) to accumulate in a backlog

Clearing backlogged cases is a top priority for VA Secretary.



(n) 1. place for the storage of large quantities of equipment, food, or some other commodity; a storehouse or warehouse
(n) 2. a place where buses, trains, or other vehicles are housed and from which they are dispatched for service
(n) 3. military ammunition storage; a station for assembling military recruits and forwarding them to active units.

economic problems for rural communities that depend on military bases and depots, where thousands of furloughed employees live and work.



(n) 1. a temporary laying-off of employees, usually because there is insufficient work to occupy them 無薪假
(n) 2. leave of absense from military duty

economic problems for rural communities that depend on military bases and depots, where thousands of furloughed employees live and work.



(v) 1. carve (wood) into an object by repeatedly cutting small slices from it
(v) 2. reduce something in size, amount, or extent by a gradual series of steps

Kids Central of Norton cut back on school supplies and property maintenance, rather than whittling down the class size.



(n) twofold blow or setback

Overfitting represents a double whammy: it makes our model look better on paper but perform worse in the real world.

double whammy


(n) 1. sharp twist or curve in something that is otherwise straight
(n) 2. a flaw or imperfection likely to hinder the operation of something, as a machine or plan
(n) 3. a muscular stiffness or soreness in the neck, back, etc.; crick

1. However, at about magnitude 7.5, there is a kink in the graph.
2. though the system is making some headway (n. forward movement or progress), there are still some kinks to iron out



(v) 1. exceed in height
(v) 2. (esp. of water) rise over the top of (a barrier constructed to hold it back)

the Red River of the North flooded Grand Forks, North Dakota, overtopping the town's levees.



1. having a healthy reddish color; flushed
2. full to the brim or to the point of overflowing
3. completely even or level with another surface

1. her flushed cheeks
2. an autopsy revealed that Lewis's lungs were flush with blood
3. the gates are flush with the adjoining fencing; each line is flush with the left-hand margin (not indented or protruding)



1. dispense or apply (a remedy or drug)
2. manage and directs the running of (a business, organization, etc.)
3. give help or service

1. administered the vaccine.
2. she administers the funds.
3. we must selflessly administer to his needs



adj. traveling by sea, esp. regularly

“The influenza virus is perpetuated by birds—particularly wild seafaring birds like albatrosses, seagulls, ducks”



1. related by blood; descented from a common maternal ancestor (vs. agnate: paternal side).
2. akin; related in origin; derived from the same root or original word
3. relatd or analogous in nature, character or function

2. all languages contain words that have no direct cognate in other languages. (English is, German ist, Latin est from Indo-European esti)
3. cognate subjects such as physics and chemistry



v. munch or chew vigorously and noisily

But he doesn't fit the stereotype of the cigar-chomping gambler in a leisure suit.



1. (interstice) an intervening space, esp. a very small or narrow one
2. ads that load between web pages without being activated by a request

1. sunshine filtered through the interstices of the arching trees
2. these animations can be used as interstitials on tv when mini-bites of content is played where filler programming is needed.



1. expensive and luxuriously stylish; rather posh and elegant; showy
2. using one's walth, knowledge or achievement to try to impress others; boastful or conceited

I attended a swanky executive briefing center in India and watched an animated corporate overview showcased in a plush room.



adj. richly luxurious and expensive
n. a rich fabric of silk, cotton, wool, or a combination of these, with a long, soft nap

I attended a swanky executive briefing center in India and watched an animated corporate overview showcased in a plush room.



v. carry out a search or investigation in the manner of a detective; to investigate like a detective who follows a trail

“some of his work in sleuthing the hoax was uncanny.”



1. turn an initial stake or winnings from a previous bet into (a greater amount) by gambling
2. transform into (something greater or more valuable); leverage; double up

even a modicum of poker skill could be parlayed into large profits.



1. a soft boggy area of land that gives way underfoot
2. a situation from which extrication is very difficult; complex, difficult, hazardous or precarious; predicament

companies like Party Poker and PokerStars became more aggressive about marketing their way through the legal quagmire of online gambling.



n. a feeling of doubt or hesitation with regard to the morality or propriety of a course of action

"demur" means to make objection, esp. on the grounds of scruples, or show hesitation or reluctance.



1. an activity done in addition to one's main job, esp. to earn extra income; moonlighting
2. an auxiliary line of goods or business; a subsidiary line of merchandise
3. the area immediately outside such lines as a place for nonplayers, subtitutes or spectators
(v) to stop someone taking an active and important part in something; place in a less influential position

1. asked if he ever thinks about still working the sidelines at Rupp Arena, he demurred.
2. electronic handbooks are a lucrative sideline for the firm
3. his son watched from the sidelines
The minister was sidelined after he criticized party policy.



v. kill (someone) by strangulation, typically with an iron collar or a length of wire or cord

The tables are finally turned on Anwar when he agrees to play a victim himself, being tortured and then garroted under questioning.

/gəˈrät/  /-ˈrōt/


v. render obscure, unclear, or unintelligible

Dwan seeks to exploit these tendencies by deliberately obfuscating his play.



(n) 1. an intensive or sudden military attack, esp with aerial bombardment
(n) 2. a sudden, energetic, and concerted effort, typically on a specific task ; an intense campaign
(v) attack or damage (a place or building) in a blitz

1. Blitzing your opponent with a deluge of possibilities is the best way to complicate his probability calculations.
2. The car was launched with a massive media/advertising blitz, involving newspapers, magazines, television and radio.



(adv) formed, arranged, or done for a particular purpose only, not planned before it happens

we need to develop some systematic process to make a forecast rather than doing so on an ad hoc basis (=as they happen).

ad hoc
/ˈad ˈhäk/


(v) cease to resist an opponent or an unwelcome demand; surrender

if you're more up on Lindsay Lohan gossip than I am, perhaps I capitulate to you and concede that your Lindsay Lohan forecast is better



a) try to avoid giving an answer or avoid taking any action. (limiting and restricting) 

b) avoid an issue by being evasive about it as to smudge it and mislead or conceal the truth . (no clear answer or decision; avoiding action)

c) answer a question evasively and cleverly manage to avoid dealing with a difficult question or some criticism (a clever move: skirt; bypass; circumvent)

a) hedge

b) fudge

c) parry