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Central effects of Cocaine

Inhibits Noradrenaline re-uptake


Central effects of Amphetamine

Displaces Noradrenaline from storage vesicles (non-exocytotic release)


What do dopaminergic neurones in the CNS lack?

Dopamine ß hydroxylase to convert dopamine to noradrenaline


T/F A synapse can be both excitatory and inhibitory

False, can be either excitatory OR inhibitory NOT BOTH


T/F The same neurotransmitter can be excitatory AND inhibitory

True, Depends on which receptors are present eg Dopamine and Serotonin


Ligand gated ion channels in the CNS

Excitatory (Nicotinic)
– Na+ influx driven depolarisation
Inhibitory (GABA A)
– Cl- influx driven hyperpolarisation


G protein coupled receptors in the CNS

• activation of second messengers
• modulation of ion channel or enzyme activity
– muscarinic, alpha- and ß-adrenoceptors

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