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What is Decorticate rigidity?

extensors dominate in legs, flexors in arms


What is Decerebrate rigidity?

extensors dominate everywhere


What is the rubro-spinal tract?

short tract to only cervical region from red nucleus, main role is initiation of flexors


What is the basis of Decorticate rigidity?

There is removal of all inhibition to brainstem, no inhibition to reticular formation or red nucleus due to disruption above red nucleus, flexors win where there is still rubro-spinal tract (i.e cervical regions)


What is the basis of Decerebrate rigidity?

level of disruption below midbrain at the level of the brain stem, red nucleus is compromised


What does a change from decorticate to decerebrate mean?

More damage to the brainstem


Cortibulbar innervation of LMNs is...

Bilateral except to those innervating lower face and tongue


What is the Locomotor pattern generator?

spinal circuit that functions to control the entire motor system

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