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What are the 5 stages to walking?

Heel strike
Toe off
Leg lift


What happens in heel strike?

Flexion decelerated by Gluteus Maximus
Knee extension maintained by quadriceps
Dorsiflexion maintained by musclesin anterior leg


What happens in support?

Weight transfer
Maintained knee extension by Quadriceps
Equal contraction of inverters/everters to maintain ankle balance
Pelvic drop prevented by Gluteus Medius/minimus


What happens in toe off?

Leg extension at the hip due to hamstrings
Knee maintained in extension by quadriceps
Ankle is plantarflexed by muscles in posterior compartment of leg


What happens in leg lift?

Limb raised to prepare for swing
Flexion at the hip by iliopsoas and rectus femoris
Knee flexion by hamstrings
Dorsiflexion of the ankle by muscles in the anterior compartment of leg


What happens in swing?

Forward motion occurs
Hip kept flexed by Iliopsoas and Rectus femoris
Knee extended by quadriceps
Ankle remains dorsiflexed by muscles in anterior compartment of leg


What does Trendelenberg's sign look like?

Pelvic drop towards the raised leg on the unaffected side


What is Trendelenberg's gait?

The pelvic drop during walking with the torso lurching the opposite way on other side to maintain balance


Which nerve would be damaged if there was pelvic drop?

Superior gluteal nerve


Which muscles are not working correctly if there is pelvic drop?

Gluteus medius
Gluteus minimus


Why would you get a foot drop gait?

Damage to the Deep Fibular nerve


How does foot drop gait look?

The patients toes are dragging along the floor. They may do an eversion flick to stop this


What is an eversion flick?

Sudden eversion of the foot during swing phase in foot drop gait


What is an Antalgic gait?

Patients with long standing joint problems develop an abnormal gait to reduce pain.