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What is the largest tissue type i...,
All muscle in the body is striate...,
Which division of the nervous sys...
47  cards
Where are nuclei located in muscl...,
What are muscle fibres grouped into,
What is the connective tissue tha...
14  cards
List some clinical presentations ...,
Define sirs,
What is septic arthritis how can ...
20  cards
Which enzyme is commonly raised i...,
How raised is ck in dystrophic mu...,
How raised is ck in inflammatory ...
18  cards
Bone Tumours
What are the 4 main benign bone t...,
Describe osteochondroma,
Describe chondroma enchondroma
12  cards
Peters' Physiology
With regards to the alpha motor n...,
Which receptors are located at th...,
What subunits make up the nicotin...
28  cards
Rheumatoid Arthritis
What is rheumatoid arthritis,
What sex and age range does rheum...,
What is the basic pathology behin...
10  cards
What is the basic pathology behin...,
List risk factors for osteoarthritis,
What are heberdens nodes
7  cards
Connective Tissue Disease
Systemic lupus ertythematosus is ...,
Sle affects males more than femal...,
Prevalence of sle is higher in wh...
23  cards
Muscle Disease
What is the difference between po...,
The risk of malignancy increases ...,
List the classic presenting msk f...
20  cards
Which hla allele is susceptible i...,
Which hla allele is susceptible i...,
Which type of hypersensitivity re...
11  cards
What is meant by spondyloarthropathy,
What is enthesitis,
What is dactylitis
16  cards
How does primary vasculitis arise,
List the 2 main large vessel vasc...,
List the 2 main medium vessel vas...
33  cards
Rheum. Pharmacology
Which drugs provide symptom relie...,
Which two groups of drugs are cla...,
Give examples of dmards
22  cards
Spinal Injury
What is the first line investigat...,
Define sciatica,
Disc prolapse is a medical emerge...
5  cards
Knee Injury
Which meniscus in the knee is mor...,
Which ligament resists valgus stress,
Which ligament resists varus stress
19  cards
Foot & Ankle Injury
What is pes planus,
What is the most common cause of ...,
What is a fairly specific finding...
15  cards
MSK Swellings
Cellulitis is a discrete soft tis...,
Which organisms usually cause cel...,
Septic arthritis is a monoarthrop...
14  cards
What is the difference between te...,
What is an enthesopathy,
What is the predominant cell in t...
12  cards

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