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Decks in this class (26)

chapter 13
the resurgence of empire in east asia
16  cards
chapter 14
the expansive realm of islam
81  cards
chapter 15
india and the indian ocean basin
105  cards
chapter 16
the two worlds of christendom
99  cards
chapter 17
nomadic empires and eurasian integration
68  cards
chapter 18
states and societies of sub-saharan africa
27  cards
chapter 19
the increasing influence of europe
4  cards
chapter 20
worlds apart: the americas and oceania
0  cards
chapter 21
expanding horizons of cross-cultural interaction
1  cards
chapter 22
transoceanic encounters and global connections
96  cards
chapter 23
the transformation of europe
156  cards
chapter 24
What was dona maria s mother tongue,
What was dona maria s original name,
What languages was dona maria abl...
172  cards
chapter 25
africa and the atlantic world
151  cards
chapter 26
tradition and change in east asia
187  cards
chapter 27
Who was shah jahan,
What did shah jahan and his archi...,
The mughal empire ruled most of t...
155  cards
chapter 28
revolutions and national states in the atlantic world
228  cards
chapter 29
the making of industrial society
138  cards
chapter 30
the americas in the age of independence
127  cards
chapter 31
societies at crossroads
124  cards
chapter 32
Who was an 18 year old student at...,
After also building a healthy sta...,
Rhodes considered _________ socie...
203  cards
chapter 33
the great war: the world in upheaval
194  cards
chapter 34
an age of anxiety
154  cards
chapter 35
nationalism and political identities in asia, africa, and latin america
153  cards
chapter 36
new conflagrations: world war ii and the cold war
253  cards
chapter 37
the end of empire
163  cards
chapter 38
a world without borders
7  cards

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