emergency medical responder

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Ch 01: The Responder
Levels of training for providers ...,
Levels of training for providers ...,
Emergency medical aid act
37  cards
Ch 02: The Emergency Scene
4 elements for emergency response...,
Mental and emotional prep,
Do emergency vehicles have the ri...
21  cards
Ch 03: Preventing Disease Transmission
Acquired immune deficiency syndro...,
Airborne transmission,
55  cards
Ch 04: Anatomy and Physiology
Body system,
112  cards
Ch 05-1: Assessment / Scenario
Order of assessment,
Scene survey,
91  cards
Ch 05-2: Full Scenario
Scenario repeat aloud
1  cards
Ch 06: Respiratory Emergencies
Anatomical obstruction,
Mechanical obstruction
60  cards
Ch 07: Airway and Ventilation
How long do we suction for,
Suction tip
25  cards
Ch 08: Circulatory Emergencies
Cardiovascular disease,
Coronary heart disease chd,
43  cards
Ch 09: Bleeding
Blood facts,
Blood components
12  cards
Ch 10: Shock
Types of shock,
Anaphylactic shock
12  cards
Ch 11: Pharmacology
The 6 rights,
78  cards
Pt 3: Traumatic Injuries
Mechanical injury,
Direct force,
Indirect force
5  cards
Ch 12: Soft Tissue Injuries
Closed wound,
General care for a closed wound,
74  cards
Ch 13: Musculoskeletal Injuries
Open fracture,
Closed fracture
43  cards
Ch 14: Head and Spine Injuries
Epidural hematoma,
Signs and symptoms of epidural he...,
Subdural hematoma
42  cards

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emergency medical responder

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