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4 Elements for Emergency Response Prep

-Equipment is well stocked and in good condition.
-Plan of action is well rehearsed.
-Communication system is in good condition with backup source.
-Training and skills are current.


Mental and Emotional Prep

-Be prepared psychologically.
-Learn to cope with feelings.
-Take a deep breath.
-Stay relaxed.


Do Emergency Vehicles have the Right of Way?

No. Follow all traffic rules and proceed through intersections only when safe to do so. Yield to Police and Fire


When Do We Perform An Emergency Move?

-In the presence of danger
-Moving one with minor injuries to reach one with life threatening
-Moving to provide appropriate care


Crime Scene Precautions

-Don't move or disturb anything
-Document what you moved to provide care
-Do not cut clothing through bullet or stab wound holes
-Keep bloody clothing from contaminating other areas, keep flat and let dry
-Sexual assault cases are discouraged from washing and given more items to cover up


Can you restrain a suicidal person?

No; only police have that authority


Can you leave a suicidal person unattended?

No; only unless the scene becomes unsafe


Drug Lab Precautions

-Electrical, Fire, Explosion hazards
-Hazardous materials
-Air quality


Traffic Scene Precautions

-Use your vehicle to Protect the patient or responders and to warn oncoming traffic.
-Put reflectors or lights along the road


Fire Precautions

-Stay away form a burning vehicle
-Never enter a burning or smoke filled building
-Check doors before opening
-Stay close to the floor
-Never use the elevator


Electricity Precautions

-Move everyone back twice the span of the length of wire
-Never attempt to move the wire
-Notify fire and power
-If wire is touching the vehicle, do not touch and warn passengers to stay still
-Do not touch metal


Water and Ice Precautions

-Reach out to conscious people with a branch or pole
-Throw conscious person something that floats
-Never enter fast moving water
-Spread body weight down and across ice, get as low and flat as possible


Hazardous Materials Precautions

-Watch for placards, clouds of vapour, spilled liquids or solids, unusual odours, leaking containers.
-Stay up wind. The wind should be on your back when facing a scene
-Call Hazmat


Unsafe Structure Precautions

-Air may contain debris or hazardous gas
-There is a possibility of being trapped; only enter once firemen have secured the scene.


Wreckage Precautions

-Rescue only once the wreckage has been stabilized


Natural Disaster Precautions

-Coordinated by local resources, then gov't takes over once that has been exhausted
-Follow the rescue plan
-Never use gas powered equipment in confined spaces; decrease air quality


Multiple Patient Precautions

-Determine who needs immediate care and who can wait; Triage



Sorting and providing care for multiple patients by the severity of their injuries


Incident Command System

Chain of command at the scene permitting one person to direct all agencies so that resources will be used effectively


Hostile Situation Precautions

Hostile patient or family
-Explain as you treat and assess them
-If threatened, withdraw from scene
-Being calm makes them calm


Hostage Situation Precautions

-Do not become a hostage
-Gain info from bystanders
-Report info to cops
-Remain at a safe distance until cops summon you