first aid: microbiology

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Basic Bacteriology
Circular coccus gram positive gra...,
Rod bacillus,
Rod bacillus gram negative enterics
32  cards
Clinical Bacteriology
Staphylococcus aureus causes,
How does toxic shock syndrome s a...,
Staphylococcus epidermidis infects
67  cards
Systemic mycoses,
Blastomycosis location
41  cards
Protozoa gi infections,
Protozoa cns infections,
Protozoa hematologic infections
55  cards
Virology: Intro & DNA Viruses
Viruses w segmented genomes excha...,
1 of 2 viruses the infect the cel...
42  cards
Virology: RNA Viruses
Reovirus diseases,
Picornavirus diseases,
Calicivirus disease
27  cards
Virology: Hepatitis & HIV
Hepatitis fecal oral transmission,
Hepatitis parenteral sexual mater...,
Hepatitis primarily blood transmi...
31  cards
Normal flora dominant skin,
Normal flora dominant,
Normal flora dominant oropharynx
64  cards
Systems: Bug Hints
Asplenic patient,
Branching rods in oral infections...,
Chronic granulomatous disease
18  cards
Antimicrobial Therapy
Antimicrobial therapy folic acid ...,
Antimicrobial therapy dna topoiso...,
Antimicrobial therapy damages dna
105  cards
Antifungal Therapy
Amphotericin bmechanism,
Amphotericin b clinical use,
Amphotericin b toxicity
24  cards
Antiviral Therapy
Zanamivir oseltamivir mechanismcl...,
Ribavirinclinical use toxicity
16  cards
HIV Therapy
When is highly active antiretrovi...,
Haart regimen,
Protease inhibitors
29  cards

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first aid: microbiology

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