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Chapter 19- Thorax and Lungs
A bony structure with a conical s...,
Defined by sternum 12 pairs of ri...,
What ribs are floating ribs
98  cards
Chapter 23- Musculoskeletal System
The musculoskeletal system consis...,
The musculoskeletal system is nee...,
Musculoskeletal components
112  cards
Chapter 22- Abdomen
Inside abdominal cavity all organ...,
__ lines abdominal wall parietal ...,
Solid viscera maintain characteri...
71  cards
Chapter 21- PVS and Lymphatic System
The major artery supplying the ar...,
The brachial artery bifurcated in...,
Peripheral arterial disease affec...
73  cards
Chapter 20- Heart and Neck Vessels
Area in anterior chest overlying ...,
How many chambers does the heart ...,
Major arteries and veins connecte...
111  cards
Chapter 05: Mental Status Assessment
What is a significant behavioral ...,
What is a condition due to a brai...,
When is a full mental status exam...
27  cards
Chapter 16: Ears
The 3 functions of the middle ear...,
The normal pathway of hearing is ...,
An alternate route of hearing is ...
11  cards
Chapter 14: Head, Face, and Neck, and Regional Lymphatics
The major neck muscles are,
What should appear symmetric when...,
The anterior triangle of the neck...
15  cards
Chapter 15: Eyes
The extraocular muscles function,
The three concentric coats of the...,
The functions of the eye are
52  cards
Chapter 17: Nose, Mouth, and Throat
Functions of the nose,
The nasal cavity anterior edge is...,
The rest of the nasal cavity its ...
24  cards
Chapter 24: Neurologic System
Major function of the cerebral co...,
Major function of the cerebral co...,
Major function of the cerebral co...
35  cards
Review for Test #3
An assessment of the ___ consists...,
This part of the eye functions as...,
These pathways include the motor ...
46  cards
Cranial Nerves
Cranial nerve i,
Cranial nerve ii,
Cranial nerve iii
12  cards

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