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What are cordons designed to achieve,
What are the 3 types of cordon on...,
With what should the inner and ou...
15  cards
Major Incident Procedure
What are 1 leslp 2 jesip,
Who is responsible for the search...,
Under what circumstances can lfb ...
3  cards
Terrorist Related Incidents
What are the components of an ied,
What are secondary devices,
Who has overall control at incide...
16  cards
List the expected leadership beha...
1  cards
When must a pro take place,
Where can a pro take place who is...,
When should pro be carried out
6  cards
When must a prc be carried out,
Who will attend prc s,
What resources are to be provided...
5  cards
OPS Commander
When should ops commanders be int...,
What is the function of the ops c...,
Ops commanders should ensure info...
10  cards
Incident Commander
What should the ic consider as ou...,
Detail the information about task...,
Detail information about resources
3  cards
What are the responsibilities of ...,
Who is responsible for the tactic...,
Describe the line of comma at sec...
8  cards
Command Support
What are the levels of command su...,
Duties of command pump officer,
What communication facilities are...
11  cards
Time Scales
If a pro is conducted at the scen...,
When should a prc be carried out,
Discipline time between written n...
5  cards
Ops News Terrorist Threats
Who will nominate an rvp,
Who do control notify for all sus...,
Controls actions on receipt of ca...
6  cards
What might a marauding terrorist ...,
What distance should crews withdr...,
Who may operate within the warm zone
7  cards
In what 3 ways can fraud be commi...,
What legislation deals with bribe...,
Who must be informed of any suspi...
5  cards
Time between written notification...,
Lowest role that can investigate ...,
Discipline the outcome of a heari...
9  cards
What are the levels of decision m...,
What are the stages of grievance,
When must grievances be raised by
3  cards
The inclusion strategy report mar...,
What is the draft inclusion strat...,
The draft strategy recommends to ...
11  cards
LSP 2017
What are the public friendly inci...,
What is the 3 step model the lfb ...
2  cards
High Rise
What are the requirements of buil...,
What are the capacities of drms a...,
What does the fire tool roll contain
15  cards
Bio Hazards
What is coshh,
Coshh regulations 2002 defines bi...,
Define biological hazard
11  cards
Drugs And Alcohol Policy
What are the permissible blood al...,
What are the alcohol and drugs te...,
What does 1 unit of alcohol equat...
11  cards
Collapsed Structures
What are the 2 categories of coll...,
What are the 2 types of building ...,
Collapse type can be categorised ...
8  cards
Neighbouring Brigades
Who can authorise cross border mo...,
Who can authorise 5 appliances,
When will sm be mobilised cross b...
5  cards
Monitoring Officer
Can the monitoring officer make c...,
When must the mo take over,
How is the mo identified
5  cards
Internal substations must be agai...,
What are the initial actions at a...,
Info re electricity premises auth...
8  cards
Recording Decisions
What form are decisions recorded on,
When should a decision be recorde...,
What actions must be taken subseq...
3  cards
Safeguarding Adults
Which adults do safeguarding duti...,
Who is the welfare concern seriou...,
What actions for someone disclosi...
6  cards
What are the 5 steps of the dra,
Who will be informed if operation...,
Messages re ops discretion
4  cards
Tactical Ventilation
Describe inlets and outlets for t...,
Where should covering jets be placed,
What is the minimum weight of att...
5  cards
What is pida,
What actions for anonymous allega...,
Following a notification allegati...
4  cards
What should the eco include in th...,
What conditions are to be met for...,
Eco what additional requirements ...
8  cards
What are the 5 principles of jesip,
What are the 5 steps of the joint...
2  cards
What must occur before any inform...,
Who can set up a twitter account ...,
Describe communications chain at ...
7  cards

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