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What are the levels of decision making in the grievance procedure


Informal-formal stage = no lower than WM ( FRS C)

Appeal stage = no lower than GM (FRS E)

“Further Appeal” = Head of Service
Head of HR to determine whether case goes to Further Appeal


What are the stages of grievance


1/ Informal = discussion with Line Manager
2/ Formal Stage = must be written, within 7 days, can have a rep. Heard by Line manager unless grievance is with a higher Role then heard by equivalent role. Employee to receive decision and explanation in writing within 7 days.
3/ Appeal stage. If not happy with formal stage employee has 7 days to appeal in writing.heard by 1 role higher than earlier hearing. Must put decision and explanation in writing within 7 days
ALL the above time limits can be altered by mutual agreement


When must grievances be raised by.


Must be raised within 3 months of the managerial decision that lead to the grievance.