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Binary number systems
Steps to normalise with a positiv...,
Steps to normalise with a positiv...,
Steps to normalise with a negativ...
21  cards
Number Systems
What are natural numbers and give...,
What are integer numbers and give...,
What are rational numbers and giv...
6  cards
Why cant analogue data be stored ...,
Why can digital data be stored,
How do you convert from analogue ...
14  cards
Bitmap and vector images
What is a bit pattern,
What is a pixel,
What are the two types of images ...
19  cards
Data Compression
What is compression,
What is lossless compression,
What is lossy compression
11  cards
Units of information
What is the symbol for a kibibyte...,
What is the symbol for a mebibyte...,
What is the symbol for a gibibyte...
12  cards
What can provide an interrupt,
When do hardware interrupts occur,
When do software interrupts occur
6  cards
Software and Hardware
What is hardware give some examples,
What is software give some examples,
What are the 2 different types of...
24  cards
Instruction set
What is an instruction set,
When can two different type of pr...,
What are the two parts that make ...
14  cards
Programming languages
What is machine code,
What is assembly language,
What are the two types of high le...
10  cards
What is source code,
When does source code need to be ...,
What does machine architecture de...
16  cards
Logic Gates
What are logic gates,
What is a truth table,
Name the 6 logic gates
10  cards
Boolean Algebra Rules
21  cards
What is a character set give exam...,
How many bits does standard ascii...,
How many characters can be repres...
13  cards
Computer Architecture
What is the stored program concept,
Whats the function of the alu and...,
What are examples of functions th...
24  cards
What is encryption,
What are the advantages of encryp...,
What is ciphertext and plaintext
12  cards
Error Checking
Name the four type of error check...,
Describe how parity bit error che...,
What is the start bit called what...
12  cards
Ethical Questions
What are the main topics to think...
1  cards
External Hardware Devices
What is a barcode,
What do the lines on barcodes rep...,
What are the 4 types of barcode r...
23  cards
Factors that affect processing performance
Name the 6 things that affect pro...,
How does clock speed affect proce...,
How does cache memory affect proc...
9  cards
Fetch Decode Execute
Name the steps of fetch section,
Name the steps of decode section,
Name the steps of execute section
3  cards
Internal hardware components
What is a backing store,
What are input devices,
What are output devices
13  cards
Port numbers
Whats the port number for the ftp...,
Whats the port number for the ftp...,
Whats the port number for the ssh...
9  cards
What does ftp stand for,
What does ssh stand for,
What does pop3 stand for
18  cards
What is the role of the accumulator,
What is the role of the sr,
What is the role of the pc
6  cards
Secondary Storage
What type of data is secondary st...,
What does secondary storage allow...,
What does a hard disk drive work
14  cards
Big Data
What is big data,
What are the three qualities of b...,
What does volume mean in big data
10  cards
What does csma ca stand for,
What does rts cts stand for,
How is data broadcast using wifi
6  cards
What is serial transmission,
What is parallel transmission,
Disadvantages of parallel
15  cards
What does a bus topology consist of,
How do bus topologies avoid colli...,
Disadvantages of bus topologies
14  cards
Client-server / Peer-to-peer
How does a client server network ...,
What do each of the servers do fi...,
Advantages of client server networks
9  cards
structure of the internet
What is the internet,
What is often thought of as the b...,
What do routing tables do
13  cards
What is wifi,
What are the benefits of wireless...,
What are the disadvantages of wir...
12  cards
What does tcp ip stand for and wh...,
What are the four distinct layers...,
What is the application layer res...
46  cards
The Internet
What is an isp,
What do national isp s provide,
What is a packet switched network
18  cards
Internet Security
Name 5 methods of internet security,
What are firewalls,
What is stateful inspection
21  cards
What is a data model,
What is an entity,
What is an attribute
42  cards
What does sql stand for,
What are the advantages of using sql,
What are the 5 main sql commands ...
19  cards
The Systematic approach to problem solving
Advantages of the agile approach,
What will an analyst ask question...,
Define the system life cycle
10  cards
Functional Programming
What is a function type how would...,
What could changing the function ...,
Explain each part of this f a b
32  cards

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