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Developmental Stages
Developmental stages 5,
6  cards
Chapter 1
5 leading causes of infant mortality,
5 leading causes of injury death ...,
5 leading causes of injury death ...
6  cards
Chapter 4 - Growth + Development
Defense mechanism,
Common defense mechanisms used by...,
24  cards
ATI 8 - Safe Admin of Meds
Type of cups,
T f avoid mixing med w formula,
Position for infant vs small chil...
30  cards
ATI 9 - Pain MGMT
Factors that influence pain perce...,
Expected pain signsyoung infant,
Expected pain signsolder infant
33  cards
ATI 10 - Hospitalization, Illness, + Play
Families are considered ____ when...,
Separation anxiety manifests in 3...,
42  cards
ATI 1 - Family Centered Care
Traditional nuclear family,
Nuclear family,
Single parent family
14  cards
ATI 2 - Physical Assessment Findings
Keep medical equipement,
Age group to ask whether they pre...,
Recommended temperature routes fo...
55  cards
ATI 2 - Infant Reflexes + Cranial Nerve Findings
Sucking rooting reflex expected age,
Sucking rooting reflex expected f...,
Palmar graspexpected age
33  cards
ATI 3 - Motor Skills Development by Age
1 month gross motor,
1 month fine motor,
2 month gross motor
35  cards
Infants birth 2 yr,
Object permanence
14  cards
ATI 15 - Cognitive + Sensory Impairments
How often to screen visual impair...,
Myopia nearsightedness manifestat...,
Hyperopia farsightedness
46  cards
Vision + Hearing Development + Anatomy
Visual acuity in newborn,
Visual acuity in 1 2 yr,
Visual acuity in 6 7 yr
28  cards
ATI 17 - Acute + Infectious Respiratory Illness
Palatine tonsils,
Pharyngeal tonsils
41  cards
ATI 37 - Otitis Media + Conjunctivitis + Cellulitis
Otitis media,
Otitis media w effusion,
Otitis media is usually triggered by
30  cards
ATI 18 - Asthma
Early indications of respiratory ...,
Advanced hypoxia aka respiratory ...,
28  cards
ATI 19 - Cystic Fibrosis + Injury of Resp System + Pneumothorax
Cystic fibrosis,
Median lifespan,
Risk factors
23  cards
ATI 16 - Oxygen + Inhalation Therapy
Tools for nasal suctioning,
Tools for oral suctioning,
Tools for ett trach suctioning
26  cards
ATI 20 - Cardiovascular Disorders
Most common form of cardiomyopathy,
Dilated cardiomyopathy
63  cards
ATI 35 - Immunization
0  cards
WK 3 - Cardiovasc
Heart size,
System growth continues until,
____ are at a greater risk of hf
9  cards
ATI 20 - Congenital Heart Disease - INCR PULMO BF
Congenital heart diseaseoccurrence,
Congenital heart diseasegenetic e...,
Congenital heart diseaseetiology
40  cards
ATI 20 - Congenital heart Disease - DECR PULMO BF
3 types of decr pulmo bf,
Pulmonary stenosis pathophysiology
26  cards
ATI 20 - Congenital heart Disease - MIXED DEFECTS
3 types of mixed defects,
Transposition of the great arteri...,
Transposition of the great arteri...
12  cards
ATI 20 - Congenital heart Disease - OBSTRUCTION TO SYSTEMIC BLOOD FLOW
3 types of obstruction to systemi...,
Aortic stenosis pathophysiology,
Aortic stenosis clinical manifest...
13  cards
Types of vaccines 5,
Toxoid vaccine,
Live vaccine
50  cards
Infectious/Communicable Diseases
Infectious disease,
3 routes of transmission,
Peds differences
51  cards
Endocrine - Pituitary
Endocrine system is responsible f...,
Endocrine system is responsible f...,
Purberty duration onset
32  cards
Endocrine - Thyroid + Adrenal
Disorders of thyroid function,
Thyroid hormones,
Congenital hypo thyroid
31  cards
Endocrine - Pancreatic + Gonadal
Disorders of pancreatic function,
39  cards
Endocrine - Sex Chromosome + Inborn Errors of Metab
Disorders r t sex chromosomal abn...,
Turner syndrome,
Turner syndromemanifestation
20  cards
Fluid requirements,
Caloric intake for infants,
Infants receive 50 of cals from
42  cards
Nutrition Disorders
Vit a deficiencymanifestation,
Vit c deficiencymanifestations,
Vit d deficiencymanifestations
33  cards
Gastrointestinal 1
Pediatric differences,
30 of kids w cleft will have,
___ intake may help prevention of...
34  cards
Gastrointestinal 2
Hirschsprung disease,
Hirschsprung disease is assoc w,
Hirschsprung diseasemanifestations
48  cards
Peds differences in fluid, electrolytes, + acid base
All cells produce,
___ is excreted by lungs,
____ is excreted by kidneys
21  cards
Alterations in fluid, electrolyte, + pH
Extracellular fluid volume excess,
Possible cause of extracellular f...,
50  cards
Alterations in GU functions
Expected urine output infant,
Expected urine output child,
Expected urine output adolescent
35  cards
Alterations in GU functions 2
Acute renal failure,
Acute renal failure is at risk fo...,
Chronic renal failureinitial find...
16  cards
Alterations in Neuro [seizure + LOC]
Myelination proceeds in ____ dire...,
Cerebral bf is maintained thru,
Most important indicator of neuro...
51  cards
Alterations in Neuro 2
Bacterial meningitis,
Bacterial meningitis findings in ...,
Bacterial meningitis findings in ...
42  cards
Alterations in Neuro 3
Cerebral palsy,
Cerebral palsymanifestations,
2 types of cerebral palsy
27  cards
Musculoskeletal Function
Pediatric bones are more ___ ____...,
What facilitates healing of fract...,
Metatarsus adductus
22  cards
Prolonged immobilization begins w,
Musculoskeletal condition injury ...,
Due to adverse effects due to pro...
4  cards
Musculoskeletal Function 2
Septic arthritis
22  cards
Injuries to the Musculoskeletal System
3 types of injuries,
Strain manifestations
31  cards
Skin Integrity
Common forms of dermatitis,
Contact dermatitis
47  cards
alt in hematologic function
Rbc ped differences,
Wbc ped differences,
Most common anemia
40  cards
Pediatric differences,
Normal cells are growing faster w...,
Childhood cancer manifestations
38  cards
cancer 2
Wilms tumor,
Wilms tumorpeak incidence occurs ...,
Wilms tumormanifestations
35  cards
alt in hematologic function 2
Incr neutrophil,
22  cards

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