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Initiating Exam
The difference between a project ...,
Organizations manage their ______...,
________ organizations are the mo...
103  cards
Planning Test 1
A pmo that has formal responsibil...,
An organizational governance fram...,
What type of organization has a p...
121  cards
Planning Test 2
Competing constraints includesche...,
During the planning phase auditor...,
Which of the following documents ...
169  cards
Planning Test 3
Decomposition includesvalidating ...,
________ is a controlled applicat...,
Replanning involvesmodifying the ...
100  cards
Executing Test 1
What type of organization has a f...,
Pressure based poweruses flattery...,
Tools and techniques used manage ...
57  cards
Executing Test 2
The company responds to an employ...,
Jane went to a job interview but ...,
To be purposeful the team objecti...
91  cards
Executing Test 3
Effective project managers have t...,
An example of an intangible asset...,
What type of manager would most l...
129  cards
Monitoring & Controlling Exam 1
Performing integrated change cont...,
A configuration management system...,
The project management plan is up...
83  cards
Monitoring & Controlling Test 2
Pv versus ac and effects of chang...,
_______ is most often used when p...,
A sample test result is acceptabl...
124  cards
Closing Test
A final projects product or servi...,
The project you have recently com...,
James works for galaxy inc as a p...
47  cards
Practice Exam 1
Which of the following is not a c...,
A project is said to be temporary...,
Project deliverables may be overa...
199  cards
Practice Exam 2
_______ are organized activities ...,
All of the following are examples...,
A characteristic of an operation ...
200  cards
Practice Exam 3
The company responds to an employ...,
The poverty rate is increasing in...,
What is the best approach to use ...
200  cards
Practice Exam 4
Project quality management ensure...,
What area of project management i...,
The project manager is assigned t...
200  cards
Practice Exam 5
An example of an intangible asset...,
Effective project managers have t...,
The difference between a project ...
200  cards
Completion Exam
Tools used in plan procurements i...,
Tailoring considerations for proc...,
What information is included in a...
51  cards
Important PMP Abbreviations / Acronyms
94  cards
Agile Project Management Abbreviations
15  cards
PMI Lexicon of PM Terms
A decision to take no action agai...,
The specific requirements expecte...,
A test in which a team of end use...
517  cards
PMBOK Chapter 1
____________ is a system of pract...,
The four values that the global p...,
A ________ is a temporary endeavo...
82  cards
PMBOK Chapter 2
Two major categories of influence...,
___________ originate from the en...,
__________ are internal to the or...
26  cards
PMBOK Chapter 3
The __________ plays a critical r...,
A project managers role is compar...,
The _________ provides written co...
47  cards
PMBOK Chapter 4
______________ includes the proce...,
Project integration management in...,
The process of developing a docum...
141  cards
A logical relationship in which a...,
A logical relationship in which a...,
A logical relationship in which a...
8  cards
Te to tm tp 3,
Ce co cm cp 3,
Ce co 4cm cp 6
8  cards
Foundational Elements - Not all-inclusive
Expectations of the project manag...,
Net quantifiable benefits derived...,
A project is amid at moving an or...
19  cards
Integration Management
Develop project charter inputs,
Develop project charter tools tec...,
Develop project charter outputs
9  cards
PMBOK Acronyms
60  cards
PMBOK Definitions
0  cards
PMP Formulas
Ev earned value,
Sv schedule variance,
Cv cost variance
17  cards
Memorize Process Chart
Initiating project integration ma...,
Initiating project stakeholder ma...,
Planning integration management
27  cards
Project Management Plan Components
A plan that documents how the pro...,
A component of the project or pro...,
A component of the project or pro...
20  cards
Project Documents
Multiple attributes associated wi...,
A documented tabulation of schedu...,
A project document used to record...
33  cards
Data Gathering
_________ is the comparison of ac...,
A general data gathering and crea...,
A tally sheet that can be used as...
8  cards
Data Analysis
A data analysis technique used to...,
Using other characteristics of ri...,
A data analysis technique that in...
27  cards
Data Representation
A technique that allows large num...,
A decomposition technique that he...,
A graphic display of process data...
15  cards
Decision Making
A group of techniques to work wit...,
One of the decision making techni...
2  cards
Communication Skills
Information about reactions to co...,
The formal delivery of informatio...
2  cards
Interpersonal and Team Skills
Techniques of active listening in...,
A technique used to assess commun...,
The ability to resolve conflict o...
17  cards
Tools and Techniques
Communicating with users or poten...,
A high level summary timeline of ...,
A form of estimating where activi...
58  cards

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