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When referring to skeletal muscle...,
Why are nuclei found at the perip...,
The bundles muscle fibres are gro...
25  cards
Physiology of the Neuromuscular Junction
Which neurotransmitter is used at...,
Acetylcholine acts on which type ...,
When nicotinic acetylcholine rece...
20  cards
Physiology of Joints
What are the three types of joints,
Within a synovial joint what is t...,
What type of cells are synovial c...
24  cards
Physiology of Pain
Define pain,
What are the three forms of pain,
Which type of pain is not adaptive
30  cards
Rheumatoid Arthritis
What percentage of the general uk...,
How can rheumatoid arthritis be d...,
Which joints axial peripheral doe...
37  cards
Osteoarthritis and Crystal Arthropathies
What is the most common form of a...,
Osteoarthritis is characterised b...,
What is the term given to the bon...
38  cards
Rheumatism History Taking
Rheumatoid arthritis is often ass...,
Which other conditons can be rela...,
What is reactive arthritis
18  cards
Connective Tissue Disease - Systemic Lupus Erthematous
What are connective tissue diseases,
Which part of the body does sle a...,
Systemic lupus erythematous is an...
38  cards
Connective Tissue Disease Overview
What is raynauds syndrome,
When may anti phospholipid syndro...,
What is pre eclampsia
26  cards
Muscle Disease
Polymyositis and dermatomyositis ...,
Inflammatory myopathies more comm...,
What is the most common clinical ...
51  cards
Immunology of Autoimmune disease
Everone has low levels of autoant...,
In order for autoimmunity to occu...,
What is ipex syndrome
35  cards
What are the two main core clinic...,
Where does the spondyloarthropath...,
Spondyloarthropathies have a degr...
42  cards
What is vasculitis,
How can vasculitis be classified,
What are the two major categories...
60  cards
Pharmacology of Arthritis
Nsaids should generally not be us...,
Nsaids have some negative side ef...,
Cox2 inhibitors are a newer form ...
24  cards
Clinical Anatomy of the Spine
What type of joints are facet joints,
What is the purpose of spinal cur...,
Which two curves of the spine are...
19  cards
Children's Orthopaedics - Normal Growth and Development
What is appositional growth of bone,
Which factors can affect bone growth,
What is the medical term for bow ...
33  cards
Back Pain and Problems
What may be some suspicious featu...,
What is saddle anaesthesia,
What does testing the l1 2 myotom...
61  cards
Arthritis Classifications and Auto-immunity
Arthritis can be classified into ...,
What are the four types of inflam...,
What are the five types of seropo...
18  cards
What is the most common form of a...,
Periodic flaring of osteoarthriti...,
What is the basic understanding f...
5  cards
Inflammatory Arthropathies
Inflammatory arthropathies can be...,
What is the most prevalent seropo...,
What is rheumatoid arthritis
57  cards
Connective Tissue Diseases
The term connective tissue diseas...,
Connective tissue diseases tend t...,
What is sle
64  cards
Crystal Athropathies
What is gout,
What causes gout,
Gout is usually as a result of what
24  cards
Muscle Diseases
What is polymyalgia rheumatica,
How is polymyalgia rheumatic char...,
Polymyalgia rheumatica is strongl...
45  cards
What is vasculitis,
What vessel changes would be expe...,
What does the term large vessel v...
35  cards
Benign and Malignant Bone Tumours
What is the most common benign bo...,
What does an osteochondroma produce,
Where do osteochondromas typicall...
98  cards
Benign and Malignant Soft Tissue Tumours
In terms of soft tissue swellings...,
What are the features that are su...,
What are the features suggestive ...
59  cards
Osteochondritis and Avascular necrosis
What is the most common site for ...,
Avascular necrosis is more common...,
Why does chronic alcoholism predi...
29  cards
Biochemical Disorders of Bone
Osteoporosis is a ______________ ...,
How is osteoporosis defined,
Osteoporosis can lead to what
60  cards
Congenital Disorders of the MSK System
Brittle bone disease is known by ...,
What causes osteogenesis imperfecta,
The majority of osteogenesis impe...
38  cards
Neuromuscular Disorders
Why do neuromuscular disorders occur,
What may be the potential reasons...,
What do upper motor neurone cause...
29  cards
Developmental Disorders
What is the most common congenita...,
What is syndactyly,
What is the treatment for syndactyly
26  cards
Normal Development Milestones, Lower Limb Development and Abnormalities
At what age is an infant expected...,
At what age is an infant expected to,
At what age is an infant expected...
29  cards
Paediatric Foot, Ankle and Spinal Problems
By what other name is clubfoot known,
What is talipes equinovarus,
What are the 3 main deformities i...
27  cards
Paediatric and Adolescent Knee Problems
What are two of the main reasons ...,
What is apophysitis,
In which two locations can an apo...
24  cards
Cervical Spine
What is cervical spondylosis,
Spondylosis of the cervical spine...,
How do patients with spondylosis ...
19  cards
Shoulder Pathologies
The rotator cuff is formed from w...,
Where do the following rotator cu...,
What is the function of supraspin...
38  cards
Upper Limb Compressive Neuropathies
What is the carpal tunnel of the ...,
Which nerve passes through the ca...,
As well as the median nerve what ...
19  cards
Elbow Pathologies
The elbow joint consists of which...,
Which muscle powers extension at ...,
Which muscles power flexion at th...
25  cards
Hand Pathologies
What is duputrens contracture,
What is the pathology behind dupu...,
Dupuytrens contracture most commo...
24  cards
Hip Pathologies
Hip pathology most commonyl prese...,
In which three locations can hip ...,
Why can hip pain be felt in the knee
14  cards
Knee Pathologies
Which three components make up th...,
What is contained within the tibi...,
What are the four main ligaments ...
74  cards
Foot and Ankle Pathologies
What are the two major options fo...,
What does ankle arthrodesis involve,
Which of the treatments for ankle...
52  cards
Childhood Hip Disorders
What is ddh,
What are the risk factors for ddh,
What may be seen on examination f...
48  cards
Clinical Anatomy of the Upper Limb
What are the static and dynamic s...,
What are the causes of muscle imp...,
Painful arc syndrome usually caus...
20  cards
Fractures of the Hip and Proximal Femur
Fractures of the proximal femur a...,
Fractures of the proximal femur a...,
Risk factors for proximal femoral...
22  cards
Spinal Fractures and Cord Injuries
How can a potential c spine injur...,
High c spine fractures or disloca...,
How can most stable c spine injur...
32  cards
Pelvic Fractures
In which two age groups do pelvic...,
In the pelvic ring is disrupted i...,
Why is there a serious risk of hy...
17  cards
Shoulder Fractures and Dislocations
Proximal humeral fractures most c...,
What is the most common pattern o...,
What is the main reason the humer...
21  cards
Humeral Shaft Fractures
What may cause a humeral shaft fr...,
If there is a twisting injury lea...,
Up to what level of angulation ca...
9  cards
Elbow Dislocations and Fractures
Supracondylar fractures usually o...,
In order to minimise loss of func...,
Which fracture commonly occurs wi...
14  cards
Forearm Fractures
Why does a fracture of either the...,
What is a nightstick fracture,
Fractures of the ulnar shaft are ...
24  cards
Hand Fractures and Injuries
0  cards
Hip and Proximal and Shaft Femoral Fractures
Why are almost all hip fractures ...,
How are hip fractures broadly cla...,
What is the main blood supply of ...
18  cards
Knee Dislocations and Fractures
The knee is an articulation betwe...,
The medial collateral ligament of...,
In which instance do distal femor...
25  cards
Tibial Shaft Fractures
Which type of tibial shaft fractu...,
Which type of fracture has the hi...,
Why are open fracture relatively ...
10  cards
Distal Tibial Fractures
Distal tibial fractures are known...,
Which treatment method is preferr...,
Pilon fractures usually require w...
7  cards
Ankle Injuries
Ankle injuries are most commonly ...,
When there is a lateral ankle spr...,
How can sprains of the lateral an...
17  cards
Foot Injuries
Calcaneal fractures are usually a...,
Calcaneal fractures can be extra ...,
If there is a calcaneal fracture ...
22  cards

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