Flashcards are awesome. You might think that they're a trivial learning technique for kids, but they are actually scientifically shown to be an effective way to learn large amounts of information in a short amount of time. In other words, they can be extremely useful for test prepping in high school subjects.

Brainscape is the best web and mobile flashcards app out there. We've supercharged the concept of flashcards by implementing spaced repetition, an optimized learning algorithm rooted in cognitive science. Our flashcards are for serious learners who have high ambition of smashing their exams.

We have an incredible quantity of flashcards for various subjects in our marketplace. And we wanted to make sure you knew about all our great content for high school students!

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Discover our flashcards for high school subjects

The flashcards for high school subjects below were created by both our expert test-prep partners and by educators across the world, using a comprehensive set of resources to ensure that each set of flashcards is as complete as possible for your study purposes.

We’ve continually refined this content over the years to keep everything as up-to-date and effective as possible. And as always, these Brainscape subjects are proven to boost test scores and shave time off your studies.

If you are logged into Brainscape, you can find all of these subjects on the Brainscape Market by tapping the “+” icon on your dashboard, and browsing to your heart’s content. Enjoy!

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General standardized tests

AP exams

Got AP exams coming up? Here's how to study for your AP exams more efficiently!

Academic subjects

If you have a set of well-organized flashcards, you won't only learn faster but will also retain the information for longer. And if you have them stored on an app, like Brainscape, you can learn anywhere and anytime!

If you want to learn how to master the best flashcard practices to learn better and faster, we have a complete guide to making and studying flashcards online.

Are you still looking for other high school subjects you don’t see in the list? Note that you can also still search the Brainscape Knowledge Genome at any time from our website or the main Brainscape mobile app, and perhaps other students or teachers have created some great content that you can use. And you can also always create your own flashcards if you want something more personalized.

Finally, be sure to check out our huge guide on how to study effectively with LESS total effort.

Best of luck with your studies!