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Shi Huangdi

-Founder of the brief Qin dynasty in 221 BCE
-Brought end of warring states- unified China
-Helped bring about civilization and SPICE


Qin Dynasty

-Established in 221 BCE at the end of the Warring States period following the decline of the Zhou dynasty; fell in 207 BCE
-First dynasty to unify China
-Able to control SPICE


Han Dynasty

-Chinese dynasty that succeeded the Qin in 202 BCE; ruled for next 400 years
-Brought peace to China for a long period of time
-Able to develop SPICEs such as culture, able to create tech, etc,



-Originally, a vassal family of Shang China; possibly Turkish in origin; overthrew the Shang and established second historical Chinese dynasty that flourished 1122 to 256 BCE
-Brought decline in political infrastructure
-Ended China's classical period and weakened it



-Aka Kung Fuzi; major Chinese philosopher born in 6th century BCE; author of Analects; philosophy based on need for restoration of order through advice of superior men to be found among the shi
-Started major belief system in China that still goes on today
-Made it possible for people of lower castes to work up politically and have people in positions of power be qualified for the job


Great Wall

-Chinese defensive fortification intended to keep out the nomad invaders from the north; initiated during Qin dynasty and reign of Shi Huangdi
-Held back foreign invaders
-Showed uniting of people against a common force

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