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The Department's strategic plan encompasses three important themes:

1. The Mission Statement
2. Organizational Values, and
3. Professional Values


The mission of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) is to provide the highest level of Safety, Service, and Security to the people of California. This is accomplished through four departmental goals:

1. Protect Life and Property
2. Engage Public Trust Through Superior Service
3. Invest in Our People
4. Anticipate Public Safety and Law Enforcement Trends and Provide Assistance to Allied Agencies



A trusted leader in law enforcement ensuring California is the safest place to live and travel


To accomplish our mission, the Department is committed to the following organizational values as the foundation of its pledge to public Safety, Service, and Security:

1. Respect for others.
2. Fairness.
3. Ethical practices.
4. Equitable treatment for all


The CHP’s mission is based upon an overriding pledge to provide the highest degree of Safety, Service, and Security to all Californians. This pledge can be upheld only when all employees clearly understand the Department’s expectations and commitment to service through exhibition of “CHP PRIDE.”

1. Courage
2. Honesty
3. Professionalism
4. Principles
5. Respect
6. Integrity
7. Dedication
8. Esprit de Corps


Local Commands
Focus on their issues (PCF's?)
Quarterly Reports

The strategic planning process involves the development of action steps by local commands to help achieve each goal and strategy. The action steps that will be designed and implemented by each individual command will be reflective of each command’s unique operating environment and available resources. The goals, strategies, and performance measures outlined in the strategic plan are focused on making significant progress through increasing in-view patrol and reducing fatal collisions due to DUI, improper turning, unsafe speed, and noncompliance with occupant restraint laws. In addition, increased compliance with cellular telephone and texting while driving laws is sought. Each Command is required to submit quarterly reports on all strategies for which there are approved action plans to their appropriate Division.


Mission: Saving lines aligned with strategic goals
Gauge success
Living document: Top management meetings
Saving all Californians

The strategic plan represents an effort to reflect the Department’s commitment to its core mission: saving lives. It incorporates a bold vision for the future that is aligned with the CHP’s four primary strategic goals. The strategies chosen to help achieve those goals are realistic and relevant to our operations. The performance measures chosen to gauge success in achieving those goals are easy to understand. The plan is open for discussion and modification at each CHP Top Management meeting and solidifies the Department’s commitment to saving lives. This will help make Safety, Service, and Security a certainty for all Californians.


Roadmap; increase public trust; buy in from troops; indispensible services

As a LT. I will embrace the tenants of the Strategic Plan assist in developing action guidelines for our office and encourage my employees in understanding the concepts to provide a roadmap for our department and my office to increase public trust, provide indispensable services and continue to be a recognized leader in Law enforcement.