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Public Trust Opening

- The CHP is engaged in the Public Trust Initiative to enhance the trust with the public we serve to enforce the law equally, impartially and without favoritism or prejudice.
- This is emphasized in our GO: Earning the Trust of California Communities
- There are three primary reasons we must engage in this Public Trust Initiative;
Public and officer safety is built upon mutual trust.
Public support is essential for safer communities.
Provide an opportunity for the CHP to assume a Leadership Role in building a public trust framework that could serve as a model to others.


Public Trust

- As an example, the Department embraces;
o Individual Evaluation
o Respect and Dignity
o Unified Vision


Public Trust

- Also, the Department strives to follow the tenants included in our Mission Statement and Strategic planning by;
o P rotect life and property
o E ngage in public trust through superior service.
o E nhance public trust through community outreach
and partnerships
o D emonstrate integrity and respect during each
interaction with the public
o D emonstrate departmental integrity, transparency,
and accountability
o P roactively develop meaningful professional
relationships with community stakeholders
o I dentify and respond to the specific public safety
needs of communities and stakeholders
o P romote our services and accomplishments
o E xpand outreach programs such as:
 Explorer post,
 Senior Volunteer program
 Start Smart,
 And Others


Public Trust

- Continually:
o Invest in our people
o Identify and respond to evolving law enforcement
- It is also listed in our management philosophies of;
o P ublic responsibility
o L eadership and innovation
o O rganizational development
o P ersonnel development
o C ommand accountability


Public Trust

As a Lieutenant, in order to support the Departments long range public Trust Program, I will:
- Ensure employees are adhering to their
Professional and Organizational values and Oath
of Allegiance, Code of Honor, and Code of Ethics.
o Annual review per policy
o Causal discussions, in Briefings, SROVT’s Ride a
- I will make sure they are knowledgeable about
USE-OF-FORCE and PURSUIT policies and how
violations of these result in lack of public trust.
o Quarterly review of policy, annual certifications,
use of force laws
- I will make sure progressive discipline is being
utilized emphasizing preventative actions
o I will use Blue Team, 100 forms, and preventative
measures to head off employee problems before
they become bigger issues.
- I will also ensure we have a proactive PIO
maximizing the use of Social Media to highlight our
good deeds and services.
o Daily briefings, assignments, weekly updates
- I will utilize COMR by going through the
appropriate channels for resources during
community events


Public Trust

I will focus on Community Outreach Programs outlined in Policy (SPEED CLIME) by;
- S upport community outreach philosophies with
Community events, stakeholders,
- P artner with allied agencies and organizations
Review of MOU’s, establish working rapport
- E nsure personnel are knowledgeable and use
community outreach daily (Review of policies,
special presentations) (COMR)
- E valuate statistics to identify concerns and
focus on resources
- D iscuss issues on training days and get buy in
- C ommunicate with community and respond to
issues through Board of Supervisors meetings,
and other community events
- L earn about community
- I nclude personnel in problem solving,
- M edia relations to publicize programs
Social media accounts, coffee with a cop, etc.
- E xplore additional options of Community Oriented
Policing and education Programs


Public Trust Closing

I understand how a single incident can negatively affect the public trust we have established with the community we serve. I will ensure we demonstrate departmental integrity, transparency, and accountability. I will also ensure Officers are adhering to their Oath of Allegiance, Code of Honor, and Code of Ethics. I will be engaged with my employees to ensure that their conduct is always reflective of our Professional Values and Organizational Values.

As a Lieutenant for this Department, I will ensure the importance of the public’s trust in the Department is conveyed to all employees during training, annual evaluations, and periodic discussions on the topic.