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- We use the Incident Command System to manage all emergency incidents in accordance with NIMS/SEMS.
- When managing an incident,
- Executing our Department’s Mission of Providing the
Highest Level of Safety, Service, and Security
- accomplish this by executing all of our departmental
- ensure our employees have the appropriate
- equipment
- training
- knowledge base to safely carry out the mission
- This includes
- Well-maintained vehicle fleet
- appropriate, well maintained PPE gear
- Quarterly review of policy
- required certifications of officer safety requirements
- certification on Civil Disturbance formations & UOF.
- Annual review of Local Area EOP
- Engage in discussions with our employees
- in briefings,
- ride alongs,
- roles and responsibilities regarding crowd control
incidents; protect life, property, and First
Amendment rights



- incident response
- Notify chain of command and keep updated
- Respond and assume incident command
- make sure we are requesting the resources
- I’ll initiate a Tactical Alert if required
- designate a primary and secondary staging area.
- Establish a command post (unified if
Notify appropriate resources
- Air Operations
- ISU to gather intelligence on the group so we can
make informed decisions
- TMC for Sig Alert, consider requesting Caltrans for
traffic control
- Allied agencies and adjoing CHP Areas to help with
peripheral calls
- Continually Assess the scene to determine the
appropriate response and follow our operational
- Be cognizant of protesters First amendment rights
- Permit requirements
- check permit limitations



- Recognize the dangers (Dangers to motoring public
protesters, or disruptive to State business etc)
- I or my designee will attempt to meet with organizers
AND build rapport to gain their cooperation to
facilitate a safe and lawful demonstration.
- Identify Resources:
- Fixed Posts
- Bicycle Units
- Air Operations
- Mounted Units
- Brief our resources to provide oversight and
- Remind this will be heavily mediatized
- We are here to protect first amendments rights
- Attendees may attempt to provoke them.
- Remind of UOF polices, our Professional and
Organizational Values, AND to remain neutral at ALL
- Ensure appropriate uniform for event
- Make preparations for mass arrests if that becomes
- Designate an arrest processing location & arrest
processing team with mass arrest supplies
- Implement crowd control strategies as necessary:
- Monitor and assess crowd behavior
- Keep opposing factions separated
- If this remains and/or becomes an unlawful assembly
and a decision is made to make arrests, and next level
of command agrees
- Determine the need for protective measures such as:
- Medical aid is staged if necessary
- Rescue operations are being considered.
- Public Warning, especially if a dispersal order is
- Evacuations & Shelter in Place: is being
considered if necessary
- Scene Security: To provide for the safety of the
motoring public (or occupants of the facility) and the
- If Officer is injured, assign another officer to
accompany them to hospital and secure their gear.


Command Post

- The Unified Incident Command Post
- in a safe location
- Activate needed ICS positions: (COP LF)
- Command, Operations, Planning,
Logistics/intelligence, Finance,
- This includes ensuring our Officers and resources are
being taken care of with breaks, food, water,
- Develop and disseminate an Incident Action Plan.
- I will APPOINT: “LiPS-O”
- Liaison: for communications with allied agencies
- PIO: to handle the media, a staging location and
handle all media inquiries at the direction of the
- Scribe: to record on scene activity and personnel
on scene.
- Officers to video record the event along with Air Ops
- Will continually evaluate the incident to ensure we have
proper personnel, equipment and resources to
successfully mitigate the incident AND I will keep
management updated on a frequent basis.
- I remain as Incident Commander until properly relieved or the incident has concluded.


After Action / Documnetation

- Make sure my Sergeants, Officers, Dispatchers, and
other resources have access to EAP, PEER SUPPORT,
- Conduct debriefing with ALL personnel where we can
talk about what did right, what we did wrong, what we
can improve on, address MOU’s concerns, and
address and training needs.
- Ensure all required documentation is complete,
• After Action Report
• CHP 216s for arrests
• CHP 268s & CHP 275 if UOF
• CHP 121s packages
• Comm-net (Unusual Occurrence)



As a Lieutenant, I will manage these scenes in a manner that protects our employees, protects the public, reduces civil liability, and protects the image of the Highway Patrol.