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- I know a departmental goal is to Invest in Our People.
- Our Department’s workforce is currently
- Females and minorities
- In order to earn the Trust of our communities
- we need to hire the best qualified workforce,
- that is representative of the State's diversity.
- Individuals have a choice in who they want to work for,
so to recruit these individuals, we need to:
- Make sure our Department is continued to be viewed as a premiere law enforcement agency.
- we need to be Proactively engaged with our
communities to:
- earn their trust
- show them who we are
- refute negative images or stereotypes.
- we Need to interact with them at
- every age, every demographic,
- and in every community to recruit and mentor them
through the process.
- As a Lieutenant, I will lead by example and be
engaged with our employees to demonstrate the
need to achieve these objectives; this is
important to Public Trust and our Succession Plan.


Mission Statement

- To make sure we are continued to be viewed as a
premier law enforcement agency:
- demonstrate, adhere and hold employees
accountable to our PROFESSIONAL and
of honor, code of ethics and oath of allegiance .
- Demonstrate our departmental integrity through
transparency and accountability.
- Each day Execute our Department’s Mission by
working hard to execute our Departmental Goals


Public Trust
3 principles
lead by example
Outreach programs

- All of our employees, both uniformed and
nonuniformed, understand and are fully committed
to the Public Trust Campaign and they are working
each day to earn and sustain the public’s trust by
adhering to 3 principles:
- Individual Evaluation,
- Respect and Dignity, and
- Unified Vision.
-Make sure we are promoting selflessness with our
employees and leading by example.
- Make sure we are maximizing use of our Community
- Outreach programs such as:
- Start smart
- Designated Driver
- El Protector
- Explorer Program
- Senior Volunteer


Community Involvement
Active PIO
Connecting with the community

- Build relationships through:
- County Supervisory Board Meetings and City
Council Meetings.
- Attending local community events and local school
events such as:
- Job fairs
- Career days,
- military functions
- speaking about the Department, the
professionalism of our employees, and our
dedication to our communities and traffic safety.
- Active Public Information Officer
- Maximizing use of our Social Media accounts
- showcase the good deeds
- post recruitment related information.
- Host Open Houses
- engage with the public
- show them our dedication to Safety, Service, and


Involve staff
Informational acts

- To make sure we are proactively recruiting from our
communities, I will:
- Remind EVERY ONE of our employees, both
uniformed and non-uniformed, of our recruitment
efforts as a daily part of their duty,
- Remind them of the Recruitment Time Off Program
- Incentivze my employees with positive CHP 100 form
comments and allow them time to recruit/mentor.
- Contacting prospective candidates daily about what
the Department does on a daily basis and what a
career with the highway patrol looks like.
- INFORMATIONAL ACTS: I want to make sure we are
referring these candidates to our:
- Department websites, Recruitment websites, and our
departmental social media accounts;


Recruitment materials
Physical acts
Alternative Department Informational needs

- Providing them with recruitment materials such as
pamphlets and booklets,
- Highlighting our pay and benefits.
- involve these candidates with the Department
- Taking them on ride alongs or sit alongs
- Getting them involved in the Explorer Program
- Mentor them throughout the duration of the hiring
process to keep them interested and involved;
- invite to squad club events, open houses, and to
help with training scenarios.
- inform our potential applicants of the job
- Using HQ and Division Recruitment Units units as a
- ensure our employees have access to hiring packets
and related information
- Refer these candidates to our Candidate preparation
workshops and interview preparation workshops.



As a Lieutenant, I recognize the importance of proactively recruiting the best qualified candidates from all segments of society and I’ll work hard to ensure we are recruit these individuals to assist in making our Department is continued to be viewed as premier law enforcement agency that is trusted by our communities.