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Substance Abuse Opening
Buy in from all
Departmental support

- As a Lieutenant, I know it is my responsibility to ensure our substance abuse policy is properly followed and applied, per policy and law.
- I also know that an effective substance abuse policy
ensures we follow policy and law as it pertains to the
6 C’s.
- I want to make sure my supervisors and I are
personally engaged with our employees with the
hopes of preventing a situation like this, so when
signs indicate substance abuse, we can make referrals to
EAP, get help from PEER SUPPORT, and the Employee
Substance Abuse Program.
- Talking to our employees about our Substance Abuse
and policies so they know what our expectations are.
- Foster an environment which is reflective of these
- When we are confronted with a situation like this, I
want to make sure our employees are treated with
dignity, respect, and compassion. I know this will touch
on them as well as everyone involved.


Closer observation
reasonable suspicion exist?

- Notification to chain of command and keep updated
- Direct a Sergeant to respond to location of the
- closer observation.
- Sergeant to evaluate the totality of the circumstances
- determine if reasonable suspicion exists,
- based upon specific articutable facts, observations
and good faith to believe the employee is in
violation of our substance abuse policy and/or
California law.
- Make sure we:
- Remove employee to private area
- Handle as privately as possible.
- Explain our concerns.
- Listen to their explanation and give it appropriate
- If this is CRIMINAL
- handled as any other arrest
- investigation will be conduct in a private setting,
- employee will be changed out of their uniform,
- secure any weapons/state property.
- Investigation includes
- using FST’s, DRE if necessary,
- chemical test,
- booking/cite-and-release procedures
- Chain of command approval.


Continual obs
POBR/MOU (if possible)
No representation
I am confirming official
Sensitive/non sensitive position

- Maintain continual observation and not allow the
consumption of large amounts of water.
- If possible, review MOU and POBR
- Employee is NOT entitled to representation at this
- Observing POBR, only asking medical questions on
- - Confirming official (me)
- evaluate observations/facts/preliminary investigation
- If I believe the employee is in violation of our substance abuse policy.
- I will mandate the test.
-If sensitive position
- advise they are required to submit to chemical test
- advise of consequences of positive test.
- refusal will constitute insubordination.
- Sensitive positions are required to submit to a chemical test



- If ALCOHOL suspected: They will be required to submit
- Conduct in private location if possible
- Observe sample leave body
- Attach breath results to CHP202X
- A result of .04 or greater is in violation of our
Substance Abuse policy.
- If under a .04, it is a violation of Inconsistent and
Incompatibilities policy.
- If DRUGS suspected: required to submit to a URINE
- Conducted in private location if possible
- Employee is of same gender
- Watch the sample leave their body
- Obtain Sample:
- Collect in an IA approved collection kit.
- Complete labels, seals, and the chain of custody form.
-Call contracted carrier for pick-up


Medical Review officer
Administrative investigation?

- Make sure supervisor completes a CHP202X,
Reasonable Suspicion Report. It will be completed and
reviewed within 48 hours.
- Make sure supervisor completes a Memo to Substance Abuse Testing Coordinator.
- Afford employee an opportunity to complete a Memo
to the Medical Review Officer.
- Employee has right to Representation.
- Seal separately and mark “CONFIDENTIAL.”
- If criminal or not initiate ADMINISTRATIVE
INVESTIGATION with next level of command approval.


After actions/notifications
dock pay
alcohol only
drugs suspected
Update chain of command
Follow up

- Regarding the disposition of the Employee,
- dock-pay for remainder of the day
- If only alcohol, employee will be able to return
following shift as long as not in violation of our
Substance Abuse policies
- If drug use is suspected, employee is off until a
negative test returns
- In the interim, the employee will be placed on
Administrative Time Off
- Peace Officer powers are suspended, and State-
owned equipment will be secured.
- Ensure safe transportation home.
- Refer to EAP
- Update Chain-of-Command
- Ensure confidentiality
-Follow up with employee afterwards to ensure good
relationship, mental well being.



As a Lieutenant, I know first responsibility is to make sure we don’t get in this situation in the first place. I know the public can get hurt, I know our employees can get hurt, it can subject us to civil liability, and cause a loss of trust within our Communities. So, I will do everything in my power to prevent this from occurring, but when we are faced with this, I will make sure we are holding our employees accountable to our Substance Abuse policies.