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The Mileage Death Rate (MDR) is the number of deaths per 100 million miles driven.  Latest MDR statistics, which were released for the 2017 reporting period, indicate the MDR was 1.07 with 3,904 fatalities..  While these numbers have been on the rise, California has historically maintained one of the lowest MDR’s in the nation.  This is due in large part to the Departments efforts of SAVING LIVES.  In order to reduce the MDR, we must focus on the four E’s, which include Education, Enforcement, Engineering, and Emergency response.  Additionally, goal number one of the Departments current Strategic Plan is to “Protect life and property.”


Lowering MDR Importance

100 forms

Sergeants accountable

Motivate personnel

As  a Lieutenant, I will instill the importance of the MDR in sergeants and officers through training days, briefings, and ride-alongs.  Having the sergeants conduct a thorough review of CHP 100 forms, looking specifically at the amount of enforcement action directed towards primary collision violations is critical.  I will place an emphasis on motivating personnel, insuring that ongoing training is provided, and making sure officers receive commercial training.


In-view patrol

Focus on PCF, DUI, Restraint violations, Cell phone 

Target areas and do more with less

The simplest and most effective way to reduce the MDR is to increase in-view patrol efforts which focus on  PCF violations, DUI, occupant restraint, and distracted driving.  As a lieutenant, I will make sure sergeants and officers understand the importance of  enforcement in these areas.  I will also remain cognizant of budget and staffing problems and the need to come up with creative ways to do more with less. 


Achieved internally and externally

internally: proper deployment,

Review of statistics,

sk for inpout,

There are two ways to lower the MDR, internally and externally: 

Internally, a proper deployment of staffing will ensure collisions and accidents are being managed.  A thorough review of the Area’s traffic collision statistics to identify where and when the highest percentages of traffic collisions occur will also be beneficial.  As will asking for suggestions from the officers and sergeants, which will simultaneously get their “buy in” and provide a greater sense of beat accountability.


Focus on traffis relief efforts

There will also need to be a focus on traffic congestion relief efforts.  Remaining aware of choke points and areas of congestion will direct a focus of where resources can be properly utilized. 



Program 10 stats

Special enforcement

Finally, in order to ensure we are heading in the right direction, utilizing programs such as SWITERS and Program 10 stats will allow us to focus on identified locations and to be innovative in things like establishing special enforcement teams.


reinforcement and accolades 100 forms, 118'2 CHP2's

Throughout the process, positive affirmation and accolades need to be provided.  Simple things like acknowledging success on the officers CHP 100 forms, issuing commendable Form 2’s, or offering positive feedback in group settings go a long way.  


Community involvment

Uniformed involvement

Getting the community involved can also be extremely beneficial.  If it appeared things were not going in a positive direction, I would consider what the cause was.  Attending public meetings or forums to get insght and by in from the community.  

I would be sure to have discussions with all ranks to see what could be done to get everyone’s support and buy-in moving forward.


PIO Involvement

It would also be beneficial to get the PIO involved as they could provide education to the public through community outreach, high school educational programs, and speaking engagements



Allied agencies

Cal Trans



Externally, I will ensure allied agencies are informed of the Departments goals.  I will utilize Cal-trans to assist with road closures and will keep them appraised of highway conditions.  I will also utilize FSP to keep roadways clear, will take advantage of grant funding, and will utilize supplemental programs, by working with OTS to conduct things like child safety seat inspections and DUI checkpoints


community and public involvement

Outreach prograns

media (PIO)

Social media

Educational programs

The media and key contacts within the community is also a valuable way to disseminate information and to gain the communities support.  These efforts are also consistent with goal 2 of the Departments current strategic plan, which encourages all of us to, “Enhance public trust through superior service.”  By expanding community outreach programs and facilitating educational programs that focus on previously mentioned focal points through schools, church groups, social media, and community fairs, we are doing just that.



Each of us swore an oath when we became a member of this Department.  We accepted a badge from the people which signified their trust in us.  I understand that none of us own the badge, rather the badge is simply on loan, and it takes an entire career of providing the highest level of safety, service, and security to the people of California in order to earn the honor of keeping the badge.  While the foundations of public trust are formed at the CHP Academy, as a Lieutenant, I can be counted on to make sure those foundations are built upon through dedicated service that not only earns the public’s trust, but also earns the badge.