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Budget Opening

- Our Department has an operating budget of almost 3 billion dollars.
- A significant amount of our budget is devoted to
employees’ salaries.
- The remaining amount is discretionary and is
- devoted to operations like: Traffic Management,
Commercial Program and Vehicle Theft.
- As a Lieutenant, I know I must exercise fiscal
responsibility to make sure we have the funds for
personnel salaries, equipment, and training (PET).
- These are public funds and we need to be
responsible with taxpayer’s monies.


Response S (S.C.O.P.E.F.F.F.)
Salaries and OT

- I will concentrate my efforts in several areas: (SCOPEFFF)
- Salaries/ Overtime:
- I will make sure we are scheduling our
personnel to avoid overtime, including FSLA
overages and other shift related expenses.
- Make sure we are quickly replacing Officers on
shift overtime with personnel on regular time
- CHP 415s are thoroughly reviewed
- Coordinate with courts to consolidate court
- Monitor leave banks, including CTO and vacation
time to avoid overages
- Utilize the services of our Senior Volunteer and
Explorer staff for services/duties allowed by policy
and law.


Response Civi Liability

- Make sure our work environment is free of EEO violations.
- I will make sure our employees are receiving required on-going training, reviewing policies, and receiving thorough supervisory oversight of all aspects of our Department. This is especially true
in those areas where a heavy
potential for liability exists, such as:
• Pursuits,
• Driving and vehicle operations
• Special Relationships
• Use-of-force incidents
• Large scale incidents (OIS, MIRP, HAZ MAT)
- Accurately and thoroughly documenting/reviewing
arrests, use of force incidents, and traffic collisions.
- This includes the appropriate liability documents if
needed. (268, 275, board of control claims)
- Vehicle storages are being done correctly, including the legal grounds and we are accurately
document property and damage on the CHP 180.
- Timely/Proper notifications to risk management when appropriate, including completing CHP 268s, CHP 275, and CHP 287
- Timely and accurate responses to the public regarding PRA's and other requests.


Response Occupational Injuries

- Ensure we are wearing and using our PPE gear
- Employees understand our wellness program and-
encourage the use of it.
- Embracing all 5 tenants of the below 100 campaign.
- Making sure we have an ACTIVE occupational Safety Program:
- Conduct Quarterly Occupational Safety meetings
and disseminating the information from meetings
personally and by posting on the occupational safety board.
- Maintain an updated and informative occupational
safety board
• Post Occupational Safety Goals
• Post Occupational Safety Posters
- Be actively involved in Workers Comp and injury
Claims; working with SCIF, and getting off-duty
employees to limited duty or back to work.
- Encourage/support active lifestyle and my
participation in Wellness Program and Annual Fitness


Continue Professionalism

Make sure employees are exhibiting PROFESSIONALISM:
- Ensure our employees are not engaged in
misconduct and investigate when this occurs.
- Adherar to our professional and organizational values,
oath of ethics, oath of allegiance and
code of honor. and conduct required policy review.
- Monitor the Blue Team Early Intervention System and
use preventative actions to head off bigger issues.
- Make referrals to EAP, PEER SUPPORT, and
- Thoroughly investigate or inquire on all complaints
with timely notifications per policy to the complainant.
- Transparency with all of our actions and requests for
information and public relations.


Take Care of Equipment

Take care of our EQUIPMENT:
- Stress importance of maintaining our equipment and
prolonging its life.
- Making sure our uninformed employees know how
to care for and use the equipment issued to them.
- Not losing equipment, keeping accurate inventory
and investigating when items go missing.
- Monitor office and equipment supply purchases and
supply purchases within my control
- When required, Documenting and investigating lost
or stolen equipment and hold employees accountable
for this.
- Understand purchasing guidelines for specialized


Fleet Management

- Make sure ASM is completing routine vehicle
maintenance and making sure vehicle is safe to
- Placing vehicles out of service when appropriate and
repair them in a timely manner.
- Getting vehicles surveyed out and replaced when
required by policy.
- Emphasize safe driving with our employees to prevent collisions: this includes
• Pre-patrol inspections
• Make sure flares are capped
• Exercise care when using push bumpers
• Required Drivers training courses *(uniformed/non
• Annual Sergeant Ride-alongs
- Reminders in Briefings,Daily Discussions and SROVT's.


Facility/Materials Management

- Conduct required facility inspections for hazards
- Ensure repairs are made quickly
- Conserve energy:
- Unused lighting and equipment is turned off
- AC and Heater and water heater are set at the
required temperatures.
- Completing Required Audits/inspections and
inventories and addressing issues.
- addressing occupational safety dangers in a
timely/expeditious manner.


Response Manage Funds

- Adhere to our area's annual projected budget
- CHP 735, DUI Cost recoveries are being completed
accurately and appropriately.
- Asset forfeiture seizures are being completed in a
timely and appropriate manner
- Seek grant monies to assist with enforcement and
education responsibilities and make sure we’re
noting the appropriate special code on 415s and
215's including court apperances for these.
- Ensure 415's are properly coded and detailed for
reimbursable details
- Complete CHP 415C’s when appropriate
- Monitor Travel and Per Diem expenditures
to Ensure were following policy and MOU
- Monitor/audit/inspect: P-Cards, Voyagers Card , Reds,
X-Numbers purchases, Contracts, and revolving petty
cash fund.
- Appropriately utilizing the Fi$Cal, the statewide
financial management system


Budget Closing

As a Lieutenant, I know failure to exercise fiscal responsibilities of public funds can harm the image of the Highway Patrol and can also cause a loss of trust within our communities. As such, I’ll make sure to exercise fiscal responsibility to execute this Department’s mission.