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- I provide managerial oversight of these pursuits
- make sure we are in compliance with
departmental policy & California law
- ensure we are exercising sound professional judgement for the safety
of our officers, the public, and this suspect.
- Inherent dangers & Civil liability when we are not following these protocols.
- When a Violation of policy and law occurs, we get:
- Loss of public trust
- Loss of employee morale
- Loss of finances through civil liability judgments
against the Department
- In order to reduce this
- Embrace the 5 tenants of the Below 100
- Execute the Mission of the Highway Patrol,
Providing the Highest Level of Safety,
Service, and Security.
- Support executing all of our Departmental
- Proper application of policy
- Proper application of laws
- Training and policy review



- Ensure Employees have the tools, equipment, and
training (TET) they need to conduct the job we are
asking them to do, including:
- A well-maintained vehicle fleet
- Well maintained PPE gear
- Drivers training every other year
- Annual Sergeant ride along
- Reviewing pursuit policy on a quarterly basis
- Review local area SOP for further pursuit guidelines.
- Ensure a Pursuit Policy Attestation, on file/updated
- Engaged in on-going review/training
- discussions in briefings
- ride-alongs
- reading of SRVOT’s, regarding our pursuit policies.



- Upon the initiation of a pursuit,
- Supervisors are acknowledging
- assuming supervisory responsibilities,
- responding towards the location.
- Notify chain of Command and keep updated.
- Want subordinates to Use Sound Professional
- Expect Sergeants and officers evaluating weighing
risk vs gain to continue the pursuit.
- If risks become too great, I will expect the pursuit be
aborted and that this is acknowledged over the radio.
- Notification to adjoining areas and allied agencies
- Appropriate resources requested
- K-9
- air support
- air support to follow at a distance
- appropriate number of units, discontinue with air?
- Ensure we are on the same radio frequency and a
CODE 33 has been initiated.



- Ensure the appropriate information has been broadcasted such as:
- The reason for the pursuit
- The location, direction, and speed of the vehicle
- Description of the vehicle and its license plate if we
- Description of the occupants
-Are they known? (10-22 the pursuit if warranted)
- Occupants armed?
- Expect frequent updates on traffic and weather
- Ensure my Sergeants and Officers are following ALL
departmental policy;
- Appropriate number of units involved in the pursuit
- No units are trailing
- All other units are remaining on their assigned beats.



- Consideration Pursuit Legal Intervention tactics
- I will be sure my employees are knowledge in ALL of
the policies and procedures of each tactic before
employing them; such as: Channelization and
Road Blocks.
- If allied agency pursuit
- Proper request has been made
- Coordinating take-over responsibilities if it becomes
necessary. agency terminates their pursuit
- Allied agencies in our area are aware of our pursuit
- Circumstances where we assume a pursuit.


Termination point

Conclusion of the pursuit,
- Supervisor has arrived at the termination location
- Assumed incident command responsibilities.
- I will do the same if I’m on duty.
- Taking individuals into custody in a manner following
policy as it relates High-Risk and Felony Stops.
- That we are conducting post pursuit PV inspections
- Gathering necessary information for the CHP 187
Pursuit Report.
- completed in a timely manner per policy.
- All other documentation is completed:
- Arrest reports,
- traffic collision reports, IF TC/injuries,
- STD 270, CHP 208,
- CHP 121’s If employees are injured
- AND, A COMM-NET is generated if reaches unusual


Follow Up

- Follow Up
- Sergeants, Officers, Dispatchers, and other
resources and have access to EAP, PEER SUPPORT,
- follow up (EAP/PeerSupport)
- Review of MVARS. (Sergeant/myself)
- not as policy violation review.
- Conducting a debriefing with our Officers, Dispatchers,
and Resources where we talk about what we did right,
what we can improve on, address any type of MOU
concerns, and identify any type of training needs.
- Any Major Policy violations
- Conduct Inquiry
- Advise next level of command
-Assign Sgt. to conduct administrative investigation (if


Pursuit closing

- As a Lieutenant, I understand the inherent danger of
conducting these pursuits coupled with the necessity
to conduct them.
- I know the public and our employees can get hurt, I
know we bare civil liability, I know this can harm the
image of the Highway Patrol and can cause of loss of
trust within our Communities if we don’t do these
- As such, I will ensure we are conducting these pursuits in a manner that protects our employees, the public, and the Department.